INX – An Upcoming Exchange – Vows To Work Closely With The Regulator

A new crypto exchange called INX is going to be launched soon. Before the launch, the exchange has deliberately showed interest in providing services to institutional investors as well as retail investors. INX has also vowed that it will strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the regulator.

As per the latest news, INX has informed that it is anxiously awaiting for rendering over-the-counter services to local and international clients. The exchange is based in Gibraltar and aims to acquire investors/customers from all over the world, in particular from the US.

Before launching, the exchange has stated that it wants to be an entity that will ensure compliance with the regulations. It stated that it will focus on strict adherence of policies imposed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of the US (SEC). Similarly, it will comply with rules and regulations of the European Union as well as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA).

In its earlier statement, INX had stated that the government’s world over are gradually recognizing the need for digital assets. It also highlighted that there was a time when governments had completely ignored digital assets as if they never existed.

INX also said that as per digital assets’ rapid growth since 2009 it is proved that they are not going anywhere. Instead they are going to stay and may overtake the accustomed sources of trade, payments, and everything, told INX.

It has been reported that the upcoming exchange had hired a team comprising of crème de la crème. It has taken on board immensely experienced executives from top companies such as American Express, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, etc.

Further, it has been told that INX wants to develop an ecosystem that would be trade-friendly for the digital assets class. It also told that companies like it are often found ignoring or not willing to work closely with the regulator. This creates a gap between the regulator and the service provider and disputes arise, said INX.

For future customers, INX also informed that it has various unique saleable products which it will disclose after its launch.

However, the relationship between a digital asset exchange and US regulators are usually not friendly. There have been many cases lodged against the exchanges by the regulator which are currently pending adjudication.