IOTA Investors Prefer to HODL their Tokens Despite the Network Outage

Recently, the IOTA network faced an attack on its official wallet Trinity due to which it had to shut down its network. Though the network is currently closed, the investors still continue to HODL.

As the network has been shut down, therefore, it is not possible for anyone to send or receive IOTA. However, it seems that the IOTA investors are not worried about this situation as they show a positive response in a recent Twitter poll.

Whether investors want to sell or hold their tokens?

The co-founder of Cake DeFi and I-Unlimited, Julian Hosp has tried to know the plans of IOTA holders about their holdings with the help of a Twitter poll. In the post, he asked the investors that once the network starts working again what would they like to do with their tokens whether they want to sell them or continue to hold them.

Around 1,610 people participated and responded to this question. Out of the total number of the respondents, almost 67.5% voted in favor of holding their coins. However, there are around 32.5% of respondents who have actually planned to sell their coins as soon as the network starts working again.

A Twitter user named C4chaos said that he is a HODLer and has aimed to move his coins by using the “Seed migration tool”. As he says in his tweet:

“i’m a HODLer waiting to move funds via the seed migration tool. once the Coordinator is up & running again and IF is done with this challenge of protecting its token holders then a perma bull like me would be more inclined to BUY more to show confidence on the protocol & IF.”

While taking part in this discussion, another Twitter user Fev stated his point of view and said that those who are currently holding their coins are not going to sell rather they would hold their tokens. According to him, the sellers have already gone.

Strong support lies ahead for IOTA and the coin is holding above the 100-twelve-hour moving average (MA). Therefore, investors need to restrain themselves from selling their tokens because if they attempted to sell their tokens as soon as the network starts functioning again then the price value of the coin is going to come down. Therefore, once the network is open again, the reaction of the IOTA holders will matter a lot.