Iran’s Bitcoin Mining Ban Now Moves into Seizure of Mining Equipment

The regional police in Iran, within their areas, have been raiding Bitcoin mining facilities. Within these raids so far the police have confiscated the equipment of Bitcoin mining comprising over 7,000 rigs. However, the big chunk of Bitcoin mining machines has been seized from a vacant facility apparently located in an isolated factory in Tehran.

Iranian Government is clearly in violation of its terms and conditions that were agreed upon in writing between the Government and crypto miners. The Government too had its chance when it imposed a condition that Bitcoin produced in Iran will be sold in Iranian currency. However, when all was duly agreed upon and the crypto mining process was legalized, therefore, imposition of a ban was an act that was not warranted. But the Iranian Government had imposed a ban on the so-called allegation that miners were stealing the energy.

Evidently, the issue of stealing the power was important yet it needed an investigation at the governmental and independent level. However, the prosecutor and the judge, both jobs were single-handedly done by the Iranian Government. Miners and the mining process were banned while the Government had put the last nail in the coffin when it started to raid mining facilities.

So far hundreds of raids have been carried out throughout the country to see if any mining activity was going on. But the police found out that the majority of the mining facilities had either shifted or that they had been lying vacant.

Even in Tehran, the police had raided a factory where there was once a full-fledge operating Bitcoin mining facility. When police reached the site, there was no person in the facility and it seemed as if the site was lying vacant for a very long time. However, what the police found there was a total of 7,000 Bitcoin mining rigs that were lying idle. Instead of leaving the equipment at the site, the police started to seize the mining equipment.

The police reported that it had taken the entire equipment into its custody as the goods of seizure. It was also confirmed by the police as well that there were a total of 7,000 mining rigs seized by the police. It was by far the largest found and claimed that the facility was operating illegally.

But whether the policy was within their right to seize the mining equipment? Apparently not because mining was a legal activity in Iran and the Government itself had made it legal. Even the miners had obtained licenses to operate the facility and mine Bitcoin prior to starting their business operations. There is no denying that there could some elements which may have been involved in illegal activities. But the law treats every person equally and individually. If an offense is committed by a person, then only the offender is penalized and not others.