“It’s Time to Skip whining & Invest in Bitcoin”, Says Acclaimed Author Robert Kiyosaki

Famous book writer Robert Kiyosaki suggests that though the current crypto economy is going through a dip this is a perfect opportunity to buy a few Bitcoins. He thinks that this is an opportunity that cannot be missed particularly for those who thought Bitcoin was out of their grasp because of its value. Even if they cannot buy Bitcoins then seek to invest in other digital assets, which have the potential of outdoing other major cryptocurrencies. He also spoke in favor of Elon Musk and Tesla and said that the problem is not with them but with US Administration.

Once a book that came in 1997 was published under the title of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. The author of this book was Robert Kiyosaki and his publication brought him laurels and acclamation throughout the world. His writing was, in the same year, rewarded with the Best Selling Book of the Year award. The book continued to be the best-selling book for the next 6 years as well. Soon after the publication, the book was then translated into 51 languages and published in 109 countries. It is on record that at least 32 million copies of the book were sold since its publication date.

Since then Kiyosaki has become an acclaimed writer who is admired not just locally but globally.

However, interestingly, Kiyosaki was also amongst those few, who had initially adopted Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. He is widely known for his affection towards Bitcoin and has been investing in Bitcoin and others very often.

Right now Kiyosaki is pushing the crypto community and investors for investing their money into Bitcoin. He said that Bitcoin’s value has gone down sharply and this only happens rarely. He advised that the present dip be in fact an opportunity of buying the dip, which everyone should grab on. Those who claimed earlier that they had not enough money to buy Bitcoin, can now do so, said Kiyosaki.

In his recent discussions over Twitter, Kiyosaki posted that he has been hearing people that they do not have enough to buy Bitcoin. He suggested that for these people, the good news is that Bitcoin is going down gradually so avail this opportunity. Even if they cannot do so, then try to get those cryptocurrencies that can outdo Bitcoin in the future. It is not the time to waste but skipping the whining and doing something for the future, advised Kiyosaki.

His tweet received thousands of likes and shared anonymously. However, one of his earlier tweets, which he had posted in mid-May, too was being appreciated. In this particular tweet post, Kiyosaki stated that there is nothing wrong neither with Bitcoin nor with Elon Musk. In fact, the problem lies with the US Administration, especially with the US Treasury and the Fed, said Kiyosaki.