Kiyosaki’s Advice For Bitcoin Investors, LEASH Gets Listed, And Shibarium’s Debut Faces A Delay

Leash’s Trading Volume Jumped By 913%

Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency exchange announced the LEASH token’s USDT trading pair listing. This information was obtained from the announcement that was made by the exchange.

On February 18, the cryptocurrency exchange started allowing users to withdraw LEASH from their accounts. The next day, on February 18, it started taking deposits of LEASH and allowed trade.

If it wants to complete the so-called SHIB trifecta, it won’t be able to buy simply the LEASH token on its own. The exchange started providing support for a brand-new coin over the weekend that just passed. It is commonly referred to as BoneShibaSwap (BONE).

On the other hand, the cost of LEASH experienced a precipitous surge on February 17 that was equal to 79 percent. A huge buy order is reported to have been the catalyst behind it. The 24-hour trade volume rose 913% from the day before.

Shytoshi Kusama Said This Hampered Shibarium’s Speedy Launch

One of the most significant problems was brought to light by Shytoshi Kusama, who was the chief creator of Shiba Inu. When responding to multiple messages in his Telegram channel called “All Things Shibarium.”

As a result of this, the deployment of the Layer-2 solution was delayed as a result of the situation. According to what Kusama has said, the issue is that there is a lack of empathy within the SHIB community.

But this is the case irrespective of how swiftly or carefully the developer works. There is never going to be a time when there aren’t going to be people protesting something. Inquire about the exact day on which the goods will be made available for purchase.

It concerns the scant amount of knowledge that is currently available on this topic. The response from the spokeswoman to the question of whether there will be a further delay in the launch was “yes.”

Kusama has made it clear that the event cannot be delayed any further. He caused this delay by not setting a product launch date.

Bitcoin (Btc) Is the Best Alternative for Volatile Times, but It Has Drawbacks

In a recent tweet, the well-known investor and author Robert Kiyosaki declared that Bitcoin in addition to gold and silver. Kiyosaki also owns gold and silver. Moreover, Kiyosaki is a supporter of different types of precious metals.

Kiyosaki has long said that investing in equities, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs is dangerous. This is according to Kiyosaki.

The recommendation is about to make it far riskier than the positions that have been taken in the past. The author continued by stating that is unwavering in his commitment to his belief.

“Unstable times” require “unstable assets,” such as gold, silver, and Bitcoin, to be held by investors. Given the fact that already living in such a period. Stated that maintains his conviction that “unstable times” call for “unstable assets.”

According to the projections made by Kiyosaki, the value of one bitcoin may reach as high as $500,000 in the not-too-distant future.

Legendary Trader Peter Brandt Detected Turning Points in the Bitcoin (BTC) Chart

On Friday, February 17, it offered thoughts and observations on the matter. By saying, “Structures at the bottom are quite fascinating, wouldn’t you agree?”

Peter Brandt, a well-known figure in the world of business, did not fail to take note of the tweet at any point. The spotted patterns are referred to as “price walls,” and in most cases, critical turning moments are indicated by price walls.

When plotted against the price, the quantity of orders appears to make a wall when viewed in a graph. Because of its look, it can be segmented into individual price points that may then be compared.

When sufficient volumes of orders to purchase or sell are placed respectively. When this happens, the market is said to be “in the money.”