MarketSpots Review – Why did I Choose to Trade through MarketSpots?

MarketSpots Review

When I lost my job due to the coronavirus pandemic in the mid of April, I was completely lost and had no idea what to do. This is when I decided to opt-in for online trading that I was always reluctant to adopt due to its risky nature. marketspots

When I went in and started looking for the best online trading solution, I was amazed and shocked to see that my doubts were true. The majority of the online trading firms I went through offered almost the same kind of services and even made the same kind of claims.

By looking at it, one could tell that it was all just the same and all of these firms were following only one goal and that was to take our money and through it in a well. 

I did Not Find MarketSpots, MarketSpots Found Me

When I decided to invest through online trading, it was not that I just wished to invest and wait for the profits to emerge. As I wanted to make online trading my primary source of income, I wanted to learn, understand, and gain knowledge around the online trading tactics and maneuvers. 

But none of the firms I had gone through were offering this. This is when I stumbled upon MarketSpots and the second I went through its content, I knew this was the firm that was meant for me. MarketSpots is not focused on getting your savings, they are focused on helping you learn and understand the basics of online trading. 

The moment I went through their ideology, I knew that this firm is looking for people like me who wish to learn and gain knowledge from the online trading firms.

Variety of Online Trading Accounts Offered by MarketSpots

Based on your trading needs and requirements, MarketSpots has put together a list of online trading accounts. The trading accounts offered by MarketSpots include accounts such as Standard trading account, Silver trading account, Gold trading account, VIP account, and Professional trading account.

The accounts come equipped with a long list of services such as margins, leverage, daily news, account manager, analysts, daily market review, live trading webinars, and many more.

The minimum investment requirement that you are required to make through MarketSpots is $10,000 and then the maximum ‘minimum’ deposit limit is $1,000,000. 

MarketSpots’ Adherence towards KYC Policy

MarketSpots pays very close attention to know the identity of its clients who choose to trade through it under the regulations set by the regulatory authorities. Under the Know-Your-Customer policy-regulation, MarketSpots strictly adheres to gathering personal identification information of any user that decides to trade through MarketSpots

MarketSpots’ Adherence towards AML Policy

Similar to the KYC policy, MarketSpots strictly adheres to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy to ensure that under any unusual transactions. As if these transactions go unnoticed, it may result in a catastrophe and cost MarketSpots its reputation and loss of customer trust.

More importantly, if these funds end up getting used for terrorist activities, then the situation would get even worse for MarketSpots. Therefore, the firm closely observes and tackles any unusual transactions and reports them to the concerned authorities.

Online Trading Assets Offered Through MarketSpots Trading Platform

MarketSpots’ highly skilled and capable team of developers has created a unique trading platform. Through the online trading platform, the users have the ability to trade with instruments such as Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, and Forex. 

While trading through the platform, the users have access to more than 500+ cryptocurrencies they can choose to trade with, have access to a vast number of forex trading markets, and access to major stock trading markets. 

The trading platform is equipped with tools and features such as the latest trading charts, historical reports, algo-trading, latest market reviews, asset price changes, upcoming events, trading signals, and many more.

MarketSpots’ Highly Professional Chat Support

No matter the issue or concern you have, you can always chat with MarketSpots’ dedicated customer support team through their website. These individuals are highly skilled, empathetic, and professional while dealing with queries.

They can provide you with the best solutions and if they find something that is out of their scope, they will surely escalate it to the right team.