Mayor from Miami Talks in Favor of Bitcoin (BTC)

Ever since the launch of the cryptocurrency industry, the Government of America has chosen to be against it. There are a number of major cryptocurrency firms such as Binance and Ripple (XRP) that have confirmed their migration from the U.S. to a different country.

The reason why these major firms have made this decision is because of the harsh and hostile environment they have witnessed from the United States’ regulatory authorities

However, the cryptocurrency industry has still managed to spread its roots in the American financial infrastructure. It all started when one of the largest e-commerce solutions ‘PayPal’ announced that it had adopted Bitcoin (BTC) &Ethereum (ETH) as one of its payment methods.

Ever since then, even some of the major financial institutions such as Bank of America and JPMorgan have changed their opinion around crypto-adoption.

Just recently, Francis Suarez was heard speaking highly of the largest cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’. Francis Suarez is the Miami mayor who is considered one of the most influential personalities in Miami city. Suarez is one of the personalities to confirm that Bitcoin (BTC) is gaining fast mainstream success and recognition in the United States.

Francis Suarez recently talked about Bitcoin (BTC) and its growth through his Twitter account. He stated that although the current year has been fully unstable, yet Bitcoin (BTC) has proven out to be a stable asset in the same year. Although there were many speculations against the future of Bitcoin (BTC) at the start of the year. Still, it has managed to fight through all the hardships and has achieved the unthinkable.

Francis Suarez also talked about some of the major crypto-personalities that have been supporting the cryptocurrency industry for a longer time. He stated that it is personalities like Anthony Pompliano and Tyler Winklevoss whose contributions are enormous in the crypto-space.

He stated that it is because of these two personalities that he got to know so much about the importance of cryptocurrency assets.

Following Suarez’s tweet, both Pompliano and Winklevoss took the opportunity to acknowledge his tweet. In his reply, Tyler Winklevoss told Suarez that he and his brother ‘Cameron’ will both bring him a copy of the book that is written about the twins. He added that the copy of the book will be signed by both the brothers and the book is titled ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’.

Anthony Pompliano also replied to Suarez’s tweet but kept it very short and simple. He commented that in the near future, Miam will emerge as the Bitcoin city.

Apart from his tweet, Francis Suarez has also expressed the intentions of adopting cryptocurrency technology. It has been reported that Suarez is already in talks with his administration to find the possibilities of adopting crypto-technology.