Mike Tyson Seeks Fans’ Opinion Regarding Their Preferred Crypto amongst Bitcoin & Ethereum

In the field of boxing, although there are so many legends, the names of two boxers will always remain on the top. One is Muhammad Ali Clay (deceased) and the other is Mike Tyson, the living legend of boxing. From day one, when Tyson entered the professional boxing arena, he showed guts and unique boxing techniques. It was inevitable from his first appearance that he was going to become a boxing legend someday and that came true.

He was known for his public-given title “Kid Dynamite” and went on to become heavyweight boxing champion of the world. In one of his famous fights, in which his opponent was legendary Holly Field, Tyson bit his ear. It was one of the most infamous incidents that took place in the boxing ring.

In his past-time, Tyson can be found on Twitter on daily basis engaging with his friends and family members. In one of his recent posts, he was found asking from his fans regarding cryptocurrencies. He asked the fans as to which particular kind of cryptocurrency they prefer i.e. Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is assumed by the majority of his fans that Mike Tyson might be exploring the possibility of launching an NFT.

The assumption could be true because for the past many days he has been seen working with 1ofone, an NFT company.

After his tweet post, 1ofone officially made an announcement revealing that the company is working on behalf of Iron Mike Tyson. The company said that it has been tasked by the legendary boxer for auctioning the NFT. 1ofone informed that the NFT project will be completed soon and the auction is likely to be held in the month of August 2021. It was also noticed that Tyson has engaged the services of Cory Van, who is an artist known for digital work. Van has been assigned the task of developing an NFT for Tyson, suggested the news item. It is proposed that the NFT will contain some of the most vibrant moments of Tyson’s professional career in short videos and imagery.

Meanwhile, Tyson also commented that the more he is learning about NFT, the more he is getting interested in them. He stated that NFT is a future product and he wishes to become part of it through his partners 1ofone and Cory Van.

It seems crystal clear that Tyson is going to launch his own NFT. This is why he is seeking the opinions of his fans as to which particular virtual currency they would prefer. Of course, an NFT can be bought either through crypto or cash. In the case, Tyson wants to sell his NFT against virtual assets then he should first decide which cryptocurrency should be included in the auction. Mostly, NFTs are sold against Ethereum, and a minority of the NFTs are sold on the basis of Bitcoin.