More News from the Cryptocurrency Industry is here

As days keep passing, more news and reports keep coming from the cryptocurrency sector. Every day, a new milestone is being hit by the cryptocurrency sector and it is important for one to stay up to date with market trends.

Therefore, you should also get yourself acquainted with the following news and reports surrounding cryptocurrencies. This would help you understand exactly what is going on in the cryptocurrency markets at the moment.

The first news is around collaboration between Q2 Holdings and NYDIG. NYDIG is a financial services firm, while Q2 Holdings is a digital transformation solutions provider for lending and banking. NYDIG, a financial services firm focused on Bitcoin has announced that it would allow the Q2 Holdings’ users to hold, sell, and buy Bitcoin. According to reports, there are currently 18.3 million users benefiting from the Q2 platform. As per stats, the top 100 banks in the United States currently have their digital banking platforms powered by Q2.

Then there are Unstoppable Domains that have recently collaborated with in order to make transactions more convenient for users. is one of the popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in the crypto-verse. It currently has more than a million active users processing transactions through the platform. With their collaboration, the users will now be able to assign usernames to the transactions making them easily recognizable/traceable. Unstoppable Domains has revealed that the service would be integrated into the blockchain explorer, exchange, and wallet service.

The next news is around Bullish, which is a cryptocurrency exchange backed by a billionaire. The reports suggest that the exchange is talking with Far Peak Acquisition Corp for a merger. Once the merger takes place, the valuation of the company would experience a great surge and it would go up to $12 billion. However, it is said that it would be the price of Bitcoin that would affect the valuation of the company. It has been revealed that by next week, the agreement between the two companies will be finalized.

Then Chainalysis has shared details around the completion of a financing round. The blockchain data platform has revealed that it recently concluded its Series E Financing round and has generated $100 million as a result. The funding round was reportedly led by Coatue. After the success of the funding round, the market valuation of the company is at $4.2 billion. The exchange also saw the participation of old investors/contributors. These contributors had taken part in the Series D funding round that had also helped Chainalysis generate $100 million. As a result of the funding rounds, the company has generated a total of $365 million.