More Professional Gamers from Japan Join the ‘Salaries in XRP’ Club

More Professional Gamers from Japan Join the ‘Salaries in XRP’ Club

Just a few months back, SBI esports had announced that it had partnered with one of the major cryptocurrencies, Ripple (XRP). Following the announcement, SBI esports dropped surprising news on its e-gaming players.

SBI esports revealed that to strengthen its partnership with Ripple (XRP), the company will be paying its players’ salaries in Ripple (XRP).

At the start, it was Kengo Suzuki who goes by his gaming alias ‘Ken’, who joined SBI esports, agreeing to receive salaries in Ripple (XRP). Ken is considered to be the best player of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is an action fighting game.

However, this time it is not one but four more professional e-gamers who have joined the ranks. These players have also joined SBI esports roster and have agreed to receive salaries in Ripple (XRP). With the addition of these four players, SBI esports now has three e-gamer teams that have agreed to receive salaries in XRP.

SBI esports has announced that the newly hired players are a four-member team of the game Apex Legends. Apex Legends has been developed by one of the top American game development giant ‘EA’. The game belongs to the first-person-shooter battle royale-style category and is free-to-play.

The esports giant has also revealed that they have already signed the salary agreements with all four-members. As per the agreements, all four-members have agreed to be paid in XRP instead of Fiat money (Yen). On top of that, the players have agreed to the same for all the rewards and extra bonuses.

SBI esports has also revealed the pro-gaming names of each member in the Apex Legends team. The names of the players are Leila, Wasuo, HaRu, and P1NKI. The first member ‘Leila’ revealed that she is already into cryptocurrencies because she already has some tokens in her possession.

Leila stated that she is very excited to have joined SBI esports and is aiming to become the top player for the company. She also added that she is glad to be playing for a company that prefers to pay players in XRP instead of Japanese Yen.