Mozilla to Accept Donations in Dogecoin

The Mozilla Foundation has recently announced support for cryptocurrencies for the first time. The web browsers have been dabbling into the cryptocurrency industry for quite some time to offer their consumers the ability to access their crypto wallets through extensions or API patches.

Keeping in view the ongoing crypto fever, Firefox has, for the first time, allowed Dogecoin donations. For making the project possible, Mozilla Foundation has partnered with BitPay as a third-party contractor. It is worth mentioning that donations in $Doge can be converted into cash to prevent any losses due to price volatility.

For Firefox, this is the first time enabling and supporting a cryptocurrency project. However, some of the browser users want to share their reserves about the new feature. As noted by media reports, there are some environmental concerns about the use of $Dogecoin payments. Meanwhile, other major browsers like Opera and Brave have been offering cryptocurrency support as an added feature.

In 2018, Firefox offered the option of crypto-theft malware blockers for the community members. The Mozilla Foundation is yet to respond to the concerns of the denizens. On the other hand, MrBeast is currently celebrating the 163,428 $Doge donations with Dogecoin founder Billy Markus for his TeamSeas donations.

Dogecoin is a meme currency that was created as a joke originally. However, later on, the community grew exponentially and started the meme coin mania in the crypto markets. According to data projections from CoinMarketCap, the meme token has rallied 10,000% since last year. Furthermore, Google Analytics confirmed an increase in the Dogecoin searches to 16.5k million in April last year.

It is worth noting that the meme coin community has also been taking an active part in contributing to philanthropic projects throughout the last year. The team also funded the Jamaican bobsleigh team to attend the Winter Olympics, Sochi of 2014, with $25K worth of $DOGE.