New Hampshire House Approves Crypto-Friendly Bill

Cryptocurrencies have gained a considerable amount of popularity among investors in recent times. The increase of internet-based services has started to create a better prospect for the people working from home to take an increasing interest in digital asset trading. Furthermore, the factors like inflation and devaluation of the fiat currencies are also proved to be a tailwind for the progress and popularity of the sector.

Under these circumstances, New Hampshire is planning to become a state that is getting ahead with the times. The state has recently introduced cryptocurrency-friendly legislation in the region. The administration of the state has recently passed a bill that favors digital assets like Bitcoin. The bill that has been named HB1503 was chartered by crypto proponents like Representative Joe Alexander and Representative Keith Ammon.

Representative Joe Alexander recently posted an update on his Twitter account sharing the good news that the crypto bill HB1503 has managed to get a favorable majority vote. Meanwhile, his contemporary Keith Ammon tweeted that the cryptocurrency era represents the fourth industrial revolution. He also claimed that data is going to become the new oil of the current world.

He also postulated the idea that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to become the building blocks of the economy of the future. When the bill was passed, under the chairing of Majority head Jason Osborne, Ammon stated in favor of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. During his speech, he pointed out that the cryptocurrency sector showed 400% growth last year.

Crypto-Friendly Bills will Boost Crypto Adoption

The big steps for the crypto adoption bill are done, and now all that is left for the bill to make it into law is to get a signature from the state governor Chris Sununu and a green signal from the US Senate. Meanwhile, there are other US politicians like Senator Cynthia Lummis who are also working towards the goal of the integration of cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial infrastructure of the country.

One Senate candidate Bryan Solstin recently made cryptocurrency adoption as part of the election campaign to gain more popularity among his voters. He promised that if elected, he would work towards campaigning for adding Bitcoin as a legal tender in the United States of America.