NFT’s to Foster Way to Bring Women into Crypto World

Though nonfungible token ventures are the doorway to enter the crypto world. But still, women are underrepresented in most of the crypto and blockchain organizations. Lavinia Osbourne, during her recent statement, said that NFT’s powered project can play a significant role in bringing women to the crypto space. I’m not trying to make a gender war here; men are actively working in crypto because they want it. However, it is time to give women a push on their back to enter the crypto market.

Lavinia Osbourne, founder of Women in Blockchain Talks founder, said women’s lack of numbers in the particular industry is because they have not anticipated in the market till now. On the other hand, the male gender has been involved, in playing a pioneering role in the crypto market.

The current pandemic-oriented global financial environment has left many countries in financial turmoil. This resulted in people losing their jobs, being unable to travel, even go to banks, and countless other future concerns.  Osbourne in an interview with Cointelegraph said it could be the motivational factor for many women to out for an alternative, and what could be the best alternative other than the crypto market.  A Blockchain is the best thing that a woman can imagine at the moment.

She also stretched her vision and asked about the recent surge and media hype of NFT’s, it had made crypto “more relatable” to many people who are working in other filed. Earning money, a handsome amount is the most important factor of strong bonding between the crypto world and the modern-day community. No matter you are an artist or a doctor, a banker, or a teacher. Money is the only commodity that will keep your life smooth.

“When they listen to all these tales about people making money on NFTs, they think ‘how can I get involved?’ I think NFTs are the best possible way to lure people into space.” Osbourne generally addressed both men and women of all classes and economics. However, her focus was the recent successful launch of the NFT project by That ’70s Show and Family Guy star Mila Kunis. She added that corona played a massive role in developing Mila’s interest in corona. If one woman can do it, why not the other ones?

Osbourne and others are working on their common goal to bring at least 50,000 women into the blockchain industry by the end of 2023. It is an encouraging sign for society that more and more people are now opening up themselves to the blockchain market. The rapid evolution of blockchains technologies will further reshape the future. Women-owned blockchains exchanges are a way forward for the future.