NGO To Equip 16 Communities In Peru With BTC Education

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Motiv Inc., is a well-known company that has made strides in exposing less developed countries to how the crypto/BTC space works.  The company was created in 2020 in the United States to help create opportunities for less privileged communities via BTC. 

Motiv Inc. Launches Circular BTC Economies In Peru

Some financially/digitally underdeveloped communities and states in Peru will hear the good news about Bitcoin and how to create their native economy. According to NGO officials, some communities in Peru are not affiliated with the banking/financial system.

Fortunately, there is approximately 70% exposure and penetration for smartphone and computer devices. This exposure may catalyze BTC adoption in the communities. According to the release made by the company, the Peru communities will be made to go through training and programs. 

Sixteen different communities will benefit from this training and eye-opening program. The outreach to the Peru communities is to create an opportunity for the community members in the financial/digital world.

Motiv Inc.’s CEO stated, “the NGO is not doing charity, but creating opportunities to the less-privilege communities. Giving proper education, skill acquisition, and knowledge to Peruvians will sustain them long term while handing out money will solve their problems temporarily”.

Unfortunately, the 16 selected communities in Peru are situated in rural regions, far from the civilized and globalized world. However, Motiv Inc is set to break the exclusion barrier and allow these communities to develop their economy via BTC.

Communities Excluded From Crypto/ Financial Knowledge and World 

Despite the rising interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies globally, there are still less developed countries that do not know about digital currencies. According to a survey made by Statista, there are still countries in the world with low cryptocurrency adoption rates. Some of these countries include; Peru, Japan, China, and India, and most of these countries have an adoption rate as low as 4–10%.

The aim of companies, firms, and organizations like Motiv Inc. is to reach out to these countries, enlightening them about cryptocurrencies. They will also be educated on how to create their business and use the currencies in their day-to-day activity. Educational/supportive materials will also be shared with the communities and countries to develop their knowledge acquisition. 

These companies also help the under-developed communities how to develop their economies via Bitcoin and other Altcoins. However, Motiv Inc. stated that the Peru communities would only be taught and enlightened about the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market Cap, Bitcoin.