PayPal’s Crypto-Technology Adoption News Causes a Surge in South Korea’s Crypto-Related Shares

PayPal’s Crypto-Technology Adoption News Causes a Surge in South Korea’s Crypto-Related Shares

The crypto-analysts and commentators have now started expressing their pleasure following the success of the crypto-industry. It is now being said that the crypto-blockchain industry’s efforts are now starting to pay-off. The reason behind such feedback is the amount of recognition and popularity that the crypto-world has gained so far.

Many countries from around the world have either started adopting crypto-blockchain technology that is already in the market. There are some countries that have developed their own crypto-blockchain technology and applying them in their sectors.

Recently, it was announced that PayPal is considering integrating cryptocurrency technology into its system. The integration would allow PayPal users to make payments and transactions using cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

Just yesterday, PayPal officials confirmed that they are going ahead with the adoption of the cryptocurrency technology. This has rippled a wave of joy for the crypto-currency users in the United States of America. With this, the crypto-users based in the United States will be able to buy cryptocurrencies such as Altcoins, Ethereum (ETH) & Bitcoin (BTC).

This news has not only caused a ripple in the United States but the entire world. After PayPal’s announcement, firms that have relations with the cryptocurrency world have reported something very promising. They stated that after the announcement, they have started observing a surge in the prices of their crypto-shares.

From South Korea, an investment firm known as Woori Technology Investment has also confirmed the surge in the share prices. Woori Technology Investment firm owns shares in one of the crypto-exchange operator known as Upbit. They have confirmed that after PayPal’s announcement, they have observed a 29.85% increase in their share prices in the KOSDAQ index.

Another company known as SCI Evaluation confirmed a rise in their share prices as well. SCI Evaluations was just acquired by crypto unicorn Toss and Fintech last month. The company revealed that they have also seen an 11% surge in their share prices on the KOSDAQ index.

The largest shareholder in Bithumb, Vident also reported a more than 17% increase in their growth rates.