Poloniex Unveils New Trading Platform With Better Interface

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Poloniex, an international crypto exchange, has announced the launch of a new trading platform today. The aim is to provide professional and retail traders with a faster and more stable platform. 

By using the next-generation matching mechanism, the platform has increased the order matching speed of its system by 30x. Also, it has increased its transaction speed per second by 10x. 

Additionally, it decreased the latency by over 5x and plans to make more improvements later. Poloniex has redesigned its API to allow for more features and faster performance. 

New Improvements To The Platform 

Institutional traders, professional traders, and market makers will enjoy the new platform. Consequently, this would increase the total liquidity of the exchange. Justin Sun stated that:

“This new platform is a welcome development for Poloniex exchange to make it a world-class platform. It shows our commitment and effort to deliver best services and benefits for users.” 

Also, Sun said Poloniex is among the oldest crypto exchange in the world. It will continue to offer better trading experiences for professional and retail traders, he added.

Although Poloniex has long been regarded for its safety, this latest trading platform raises the benchmark for reliability. It now has improved fault tolerance.

This is due to its adoption of a microservices design. This guarantees that other modules will continue to operate even if one fails.

Currently, the system can handle high cases of traffic. This is due to its latest service auto-scaling option and clustered deployment. It scales quickly and doesn’t require any downtime for improvements.

This indicates that the platform’s ability to sustain traffic peaks without jeopardizing the service’s reliability and users’ trading experiences has greatly improved.

Introduction of Market Order And Better Candlestick Chart

Other notable features that Poloniex added to the platform include the stop-market order, market order, and improved candlestick chart for professional and amateur traders. In addition, the exchange also upgraded its mobile and web app interfaces. 

This would provide a more intuitive, user-friendly, and clearer experience for users. They can now keep in touch with the market changes and plan investments better.

Furthermore, the latest trading system serves as a foundation for product development. Future product development includes staking, lending, and margin trading.

Meanwhile, the Poloniex crypto exchange was created in 2014 and is known for its secure and world-class trading system. In 2019, it received funds for popular investors such as Justin Sun, TRON’s founder.

Additionally, the crypto exchange supports futures and spot trading and also leveraged tokens. Its services are spread across over 100 countries, with the platform available in Vietnamese, Turkish, and English.