Rapidly Developing Crypto YES WORLD Achieves Back-To-Back Milestone

$YES Relatively Fresh yet Fastest Growing

$YES may be a fresh entrant in the crypto industry, however, it is getting bigger and better each day. This rapidly developing cryptocurrency belongs to a project called YES WORLD Climate Tech Pte. Ltd.

The project as well as its native cryptocurrency, $YES, first emerged on the stage in the mid of 2022. While there were several new cryptocurrencies introduced in 2022, however, none of them grew as better as $YES.

$YES’s adoption at the global level amongst crypto investors is exceptional.

Presently, the world’s leading utility is none but $YES. It is available to be used by consumers simultaneously in multifarious e-commerce markets such as NFT, Metaverse, Financial Services, Travel, and health.

Services Available in 80+ Countries

Project’s launch in 2022 came with a boom as it subsequently offered services in several sectors simultaneously in more than a dozen countries.

However, in less than 8 months since its official launch, YES WORLD has expanded its services in now 80-plus countries.

The protocol wants to increase its reach to the entire world. Having gained access to users from 80 different countries is a major achievement.

It has been currently achieving milestone after milestone and the latest being the successful conducting of over 2 million transactions.

The protocol wants to increase its reach as well as its transaction volume targets. It wants to be on the same level as all other major projects from within the crypto-verse.

If it does manage to keep the level and standard of its project up to the expectations of the users, then it will be able to achieve the target.

$YES Ongoing Beta Sale

YES WORLD is currently sponsoring beta sales of its native currency in the market. The feedback on beta sales is huge.

Early adopters of $YES are not only using them for purchases but also keeping them for the long term in the hope of capital gains.

One would want to look at the stats compiled by CoinMarketCap particularly with regard to the adoption of and investment returns against $YES.

The stats suggest that early adopters’ investment returns would be within three digits guaranteed.

Utility Services Offering

Adopters of $YES can use the coin for innumerable utility services available online at a variety of internet portals and e-commerce establishments.

Even the coin has already been integrated by a number of physical stores worldwide where the consumers can pay in $YES.

Most importantly, the payment mechanism is super-convenient as it can be done by simply scanning the bar code of the product intended for purchase.

For payment, the project already has in place an app through which the user can carry out payments and transfers.

$YES At Crypto Exchanges

At the same time, $YES has been able to be enlisted at several tier 1 to tier 3 crypto exchanges of the world.

For instance, Coinsbit.io has started to offer $YES’s trading YES which is ranked 29 among the leading top-30 crypto exchanges of the world.

Similarly, another tier-1 crypto exchange namely XT.com also has included $YES in its list of tradable cryptocurrencies. Most important to note is that both of these firms i.e. Coinsbit.io and XT.com are centralized exchanges.

In addition, $YES trading is now available on PancakeSwap’s platform, which is a decentralized, yet enormously popular exchange in the world.

Future Plans

The project of YES WORLD is eying at being integrated into a further 50 crypto exchanges globally.

On the other hand, the project’s future plans include onboarding more than 10 million global vendors into the network. It is expected that this onboarding of vendors would complete at the official launch which is due in April 2024.

The project is unique as it was a product of a concept that calls for keeping the earth’s environment neat and clean.

The concept of YES WORLD was hence visualized by Dr. Sandeem Choudhary, a renowned environmental activist associated with the project called “Save Earth”.