Robinhood Review – A Need Of The Hour Commission-Free Trading Platform

Robinhood Review

There was a time when Wall Street controlled the majority of trading and keeping a big piece of profits to itself. There was no chance for an average trader to catch big because every fish went for the bait placed by Wall Street traders. However, average traders had enough of Wall Street and a group of average traders came up with the idea of launching a commission-free trade platform which they named “Robinhood”. This Robinhood review will give you an opportunity to have a closer look at this amazing trade platform.

Robinhood’s Objective & Mission

Robinhood came into being with one particular objective which was to allow average traders to have equal opportunities for every sole. This is one of the kind trade platforms which allows the users to set up their own rules and trade on their own terms and conditions. More importantly, you cannot only conduct trading but also learn how finance actually works in the global markets. Since Robinhood was built by two friends, who were also classmates as well as roommates, it is beneficial for young and ambitious.

Let me take you through this platform and show how it is creating a difference in the global trade market.

Robinhood’s Products and Trade Options

Currently, Robinhood is one of the most prominent trade platforms in the world which allows traders to trade in multiple products. Robinhood’s trade products range from stocks to funds, trading options to precious minerals trading such as Gold. The platform earned its reputation because of its stock trading. In recent times, average traders used Robinhood to beat Wall Street traders in stock trading. The incident where Wall Street traders suffered huge losses is remembered as the “Gamespot Incident” which occurred some three to four months back.

The platform also inducted crypto trading some two years ago, however, it did not attract crypto investors as it should have. But in the past 16 months, there is a massive increase in the numbers of Robinhood’s crypto traders. Now the traders are fully equipped to trade all major digital assets of the world including Bitcoin, Ethereum, memo coin “DOGE” etc. Like every other trade option, Robinhood offers commission-free non-stop crypto trading as well.

Desktop and Mobile Version of Robinhood’s Trade App

Robinhood provides trading with ease and convenience. If you rely heavily on computers and laptops then you can, at any time, from anywhere in the world, open Robinhood’s website. Once you are into the domain by signing up then you can explore entire trade markets for any sort of trading that is allowed by Robinhood.

In case you also rely on mobile phones, then Robinhood also provides for a mobile version of its trading website. There is a specially built trading app designed by Robinhood which is easily downloadable on any iOS or Android-based cellphone. The app is easy to use and has all the features as having been available on the official website of Robinhood.

Learning at Robinhood

You cannot do trading all the time and cannot stick around at the same position. Over time you would like to become a professional trader and conducting does not always guarantee to make a difference. You have to keep learning and digging up the basics of trading. This is why a whole library has been incorporated by Robinhood. Within this library, you will have access to online books, reports, analyses, market reports, etc. By getting yourself acquainted with the material provided in the library, the road to becoming a pro-trader becomes easy as pie.

End Remarks

Robinhood is a trading platform that can be trusted with eyes closed. You don’t need references or guarantees from others instead its reputation speaks for itself. Being relatively an old professional trading platform in the field, Robinhood has successfully changed the lives of millions of traders worldwide. You don’t need to wear a suit for becoming a trader. All that is required of you to be a successful trader at Robinhood is your commitment and ambition.