Romania and Poland Join List of Top-10 States Housing Most Number of Crypto-Enabled ATMs

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Installation of ATMs isn’t surprising anymore but the crypto-powered ATMs are in fact surprising. Thanks to the exponential growth of the crypto-economy worldwide, there are now more than 23,000 crypto-enabled ATMs throughout the world. However, a large quantity of these crypto-enabled ATMs is apparently housed in two prominent states of the European region namely Romania and Poland. Both states are now part of the top-10 list containing countries having a large number of crypto-enabled ATMs.

Thanks to the continuously growing popularity of crypto around the world, the demand for crypto-enabled ATMs is on the horizon. In most of the developed states of the world, these machines can be found at multiple locations. Initially, when the concept of crypto-enabled ATMs was introduced, there were only Bitcoin-specific ATMs. However, these ATMs have been upgraded over time and, also a new line of manufactured models, now provides for another crypto as well.

Crypto-enabled machines facilitate the users in purchasing cryptocurrencies of their choice at any time and at any place. All that is required of a user is to have a crypto-powered electronic card such as Visa or Mastercard. Even the cards supported by crypto trading platforms of the users are also acceptable at these ATMs. The majority of these machines facilitate one-way transactions i.e. the user can only buy cryptocurrencies. However, there are also ATMs, in less quantity though, which facilitate both ways transactions i.e. purchasing and selling.

Reportedly, there are around 23,000 plus crypto-enabled ATMs available today which are installed around the world according to Crypto Head’s report.

Crypto Head’s report further revealed that there is a list of top-ten countries having most of these crypto-enabled ATMs installed within. The report then mentions that an addition has been made to this top-10 list. It was reported that two of the EU’s member states namely Romania and Poland have recently made their way into the top-ten list. Officially now Romania and Poland are two of the ten countries that have installed most of the crypto-enabled ATMs. In the list, Poland has been able to attain the 7th ranking with 112 ATMs by replacing Hong Kong. Similarly, Romania has managed to install around 78 crypto-enabled ATMs throughout the country and ranked at number 8.

The number one country ranked in the list is none other than the US. The data describes that there are more than 17,000 active ATMs in the US alone. Most of these machines in the US are capable of two-way transactions and offer multiple prominent cryptocurrencies. At number, second in Canada with a total of 1500 ATMs while Great Britain is at third with only 200 ATMs.

The report compiled by Crypto Head relied on the data fetched from 74 countries of the world. While more than 600 operators of these ATMs were reviewed by the data collecting entity.