Russians Prefer to Invest in Bitcoin Compared to Forex and Gold, Survey Finds

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With every passing day, the prominence and popularity of Bitcoin (BTC) is growing higher in Russia. The people in Russia are growing more and more interested in investing in Bitcoin. They want to make investments in Bitcoin and gain more from it as it has turned out to be very promising for them.

According to data, the Russians now prefer Bitcoin over traditional products that the people would use for investments in the past. This shows that the interest of the investors is shifting to Bitcoin with every single gain Bitcoin is able to demonstrate.

With a growing number of investors in Bitcoin from Russia, it was highly needed to find out exactly what number of Russians are currently adopting/investing in Bitcoin. Therefore, a survey has been conducted in order to get the opinion of Russians to find out exactly what they are after.

This is where the Association of Forex Dealers (AFD) from Russia, jumped in and carried out a survey to know exactly how Russians take Bitcoin. The AFD carried out a survey among 502 investors from Russia to get their opinion on the matter.

The survey has helped AFD get a clear understanding of exactly what sentiments the Russian investors have in terms of Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies and other major assets. The survey was reportedly carried out by the AFD from August 4, 2021, to August 24, 2021. The results of the survey were shared by AFD on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

The results that AFD gathered from the survey looked very promising for the cryptocurrency sector in Russia. According to stats, 77% of the respondents stated that cryptocurrencies are the most promising and trusted investment options for users.

The majority of the 77% respondents stated that they are keeping their hopes high for Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), and most importantly, Bitcoin (BTC).

Out of the total respondents, only 8.8% of investors preferred gold over other assets claiming that it is the securest and best investment. Then there were only 14% of respondents stated that they would want to invest in national currencies they were familiar with.

Out of the total respondents, 23% revealed that they have never been part of the digital currency world, so they have never invested in them. Out of the 23% of respondents who have not invested in digital currencies, 77% revealed that they were planning to invest in cryptocurrencies in near future.

From the same 23% respondents, there were only 7.6% respondents who revealed that they strongly oppose digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, they will not be investing in digital currencies. The remaining 15% stated that they cannot say anything for now, as they are yet to make up their mind on it.