Samsung’s Smartphones Will Be Supporting Crypto as Hardware Wallets

Samsung mobile company has decided to host crypto hardware wallets. The company has informed that the upcoming series of its galaxy cellphones will be equipped to connect users with their crypto hardware wallets from where they can transfer their crypto funds into other wallets backed by other smartphones developed by manufacturers other than Samsung. The company says further that Samsung mobile users will now be closer to their cryptocurrencies and enjoy the liberty of transacting their crypto assets through their Samsung handsets.

One of the world’s leading mobile phone companies, Samsung, has decided to integrate crypto. However, Samsung’s integration of crypto is not the one that provides for accepting crypto as payment. Instead, the company has said that its upcoming models of galaxy series’ handsets will be capable of connecting hardware wallets. Although the feature was already provided for in the Galaxy S10 model, yet it wasn’t that effective. In fact, most people still do not know that the S10 series was capable of connecting hardware wallets.

The fault was on the part of the manufacturing company also. Samsung did not make any commendable efforts to publicize the crypto feature in S10 devices. This then led to only a handful of people being aware of the feature and they too did not opt to utilize the feature. Even the persons who did in fact made good use of the feature didn’t leave any feedback for the others to follow.

However, this time, Samsung is committed to making sure that the feature is duly promoted and people are apprised beforehand.

It has been informed by Samsung that the feature is more or less the same as was introduced two years ago in the S10 series. However, there have been many upgrades applied to the feature. For instance, the app is now fully capable of connecting hardware wallets relating to Ledgers such as Nano X and Nano S. Now the users not only access their crypto funds but in fact, they can make transactions as well. For example, the new feature is equipped to transact funds from cold storage into a wallet supported by a third-party app.

Samsung informed that the latest upgrade has made the feature further convenient. If a user of blockchain wants to access his crypto funds and do transactions, he can bring funds into Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Through Samsung’s wallet, the user can easily process the intended transaction.

The mobile company further revealed that the feature will be supported only on those devices where OS 9.0 operating system is installed. Any operating system of Samsung’s less than 9.0 version will not support the feature. However, the feature can still be accessed by recent models of the Note series as well.

Samsung also said that it has always catered to its global customers and cares for those of its customers who are crypto owners. The new feature will bring them closer to cryptocurrencies which they can access at any time through their handheld Samsung smartphone device.