Scammers Attack Terra’s Mirror Protocol via Scam Poll

The users of the Terra community poll have come under fire by hackers recently. The management of Terra has issued warnings against the voters, educating them about the hack attempt. The attack was launched on the Mirror website by a fake polling generation. The poll initiated by the hackers calls for a freeze implementation in case of a scam.

If the hackers manage to get a majority of the poll votes for the implementation, they will get away with 25 million MIR tokens. Mirror is an official website of Terra open-source blockchain network. Mirror executors have timely detected the scam and issued warnings to the users by initiating a new poll and posting on social media platforms.

The Mirror is an in-house asset synthetic program. The security protocol built on the network calls for the traders to freeze the community polling space if a scam is detected. The Poll ID highlighted and identified to be generated by hackers is 211.

The scammers were trying to take advantage of the governance security alert that was added to deal with the threat of scams and hack attacks. After the warning posted by Mirror and Terra operators, the users have started to downvote the poll aggressively. Thus, for the time being, the attack has been neutralized.

According to the latest security audit of the Mirror website, the hackers have launched a massive number of polls. All of these polls are an attempt to invoke the community freeze protocol and get away with the 25 million MIR tokens. Wu Blockchain recently added that all the polls added by the hackers are going to remain active till January next year.

The management of Mirror has been efficient and pointed out six other similar poll IDs, i.e. 208, 185, 207, 198, 204, and 206. The organizers added that Poll number 208 is the same mDOT exploitation protocols that operate as fake-burn poll number 177. Solana network users are worried about its security, as the network also suffered from a DDoS attack recently.