Some Unforgettables from the Miami’s 2021 Bitcoin Conference

Miami, Florida recently hosted its 2021’s most successful Crypto Conference which was attended by some of the biggest names in the world. Even sportsmen like Floyd Mayweather, who is a great crypto proponent, got the chance to take the stage and share his thoughts. The other limelight for the conference was Ross Ulbricht, the founder of notorious Silk Road, a marketplace at Darknet.

There were many unforgettable moments at the Conference. The first moment involved the undisputed peoples’ boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather. Although he was told that the conference is exclusively about Bitcoin but he made certain remarks which were out of the topic. Even his appearance was such that it contravened the overall theme of the conference.

He literally spoke about Bitcoin and in fact discussed blockchain and Ethereum in detail. Resultantly, he had to face the crowd’s reaction who gave him the “booing” while he delivered his address. He was also wearing a t-shirt that had a message regarding crypto other than Bitcoin.

The other unforgettable moment was related to Silk Road’s founder. Since Ulbricht’s arrests by the American authorities in 2013, he had kept himself away from gatherings. At such a young age of 29 years old, he faced charges of selling illegal drugs (including narcotics). He was a computer genuine but was notorious by the title of “Dread Pirate Roberts”. After facing two years of trial, he was convicted in 2015 for several charges of money laundering and the sale of banned drugs. Since then he is serving his sentence in Tucson Prison in Arizona.

At the Miami’s Bitcoin Conference, the organizers had managed to arrange a phone call interview with Ulbricht. Apparently, he was better than Mayweather consciously as he exclusively talked about Bitcoin and how Bitcoin has revolutionized the global economy.

It was Ulbricht’s second online interview which was heard by a live audience in the present year. The first one was hosted by Bitcoin Magazine after his confinement.

Ulbricht said that though he is in prison he is continuously following Bitcoin. He told the audience that in the past 8 years Bitcoin has grown to an extent inconceivable. He also told that when he was free he was actively involved with Bitcoin. However, at that time, there were hardly any forks or altcoins. According to him, the ecosystem of crypto has now become a “family”. There are several notable innovations that have taken place in the crypto space since his time. He had never thought that Bitcoin was going to become such a huge thing over time but he is impressed.

In the end, he advised the audience to keep healthy their craving for innovation as it is the innovation that allowed humanity to survive. Ulbricht departed by asking the audience to remember him in their prayers.