South Korean Gamers Should Get Ready for the Polish Crypto Miner

It was recently confirmed by GamerHash that it has finally managed to acquire the license to operate in Malta. GamerHash is a Polish company that allows gamers the ability to use their computer power to perform mining and earn money and rewards in return.

Ever since its launch, GamerHash has managed to gain a lot of popularity among the Polish gaming community. Now the company is planning to spread its wings and fly into the international markets. The company recently expressed that aims to start offering its services in the Asian market.

As per reports, the crypto-mining company has recently collaborated with a cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Asia. GamerHash informed that with the help of the Asian exchange, it plans on launching its tokens.

In the initial stage, the company aims to expand its services and operations in the South Korean region. The South Korean gaming community is known to be at the top of all the gaming communities around the world. It is said that if a game earns popularity in South Korea, then it gains popularity in the entire world.

When GamerHash started its operations in Malta, it went with the same kind of tactics as South Korea. The crypto-mining firm introduced its own tokens titled ‘GHX’ tokens. When in Malta, the company started selling its GHX tokens to the Malta gaming community which helped GamerHash generate around $2.8 million.

The process of advertisement and selling of the tokens was carried out by CoinAxe, which is a Poznan-based company and owns GamerHash.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), ArturPszczolkowski at GamerHash confirmed the reports regarding the company’s expansion. He confirmed that the company is all set to proceed with its first listing. He confirmed that the company will be acquiring the services of one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia to carry out its plans.

However, the CMO as well as other representatives of the company still have not revealed the name of the cryptocurrency exchange from Asia they are collaborating with.

GamerHash provides users the opportunity to share the excessive computer power that their computers generate. This happens when the users watch movies, use the internet, and play games. Once the users have the GamerHash client installed, the users can enable the play-and-earn feature on it.

This allows the GamerHash platform to use the excess power generated by the computers to mine cryptocurrency assets. As of now, the company boasts of having a community of more than 530,000 users that are using GamerHash’s platform. The company is registered in 125 countries and has reported that its user base is constantly on the rise. The company has attributed the rise in the user-base to be the COVID-19 pandemic.