Spain’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Plans to Go Global

Over the course of time, the level of curiosity for individuals and investors alike has experienced a significant rise in terms of decentralized digital money. The decentralized sector has proven to be extremely beneficial and advantageous versus the conventional financial sector.

The decentralized finance sector has been providing many benefits and advantages to the users and investors they never had through traditional financial institutions.

Ever since its foundation, the decentralized finance sector has been evolving into something far greater than it used to be in the past. The sector has also provided a safe haven where they are able to make investments and perform trades without having to share personal information.

When the cryptocurrency industry started picking up the pace and observed a significant adoption rate, there was a need for an infrastructure that could help the industry grow. With every passing day, the adoption rate for cryptocurrencies has continued experiencing a surge.

With more and more crypto-enthusiasts coming to the platform, it was extremely important that infrastructure must be in place to tend to the needs of the growing crypto-industry.

Due to the lack of service, scalability, and most importantly, regulatory infrastructure, the expansion of the crypto-sector was not possible.

This is when Bit2Me came up with its innovation and solution to facilitate users in any way possible. Bit2Me introduced a platform that was going to act as a gateway, which would prove frictionless when venturing into the crypto-verse.

The product that Bit2Me introduced for the cryptocurrency community was dubbed as “Wallet”. It is one of the most beneficial and prominent products that have been introduced by Bit2Me into the crypto-DeFi industry.

Through the Wallet, the users are not only able to make transactions or send, receive, or exchange funds in the form of cryptocurrencies but in fiat currencies as well.

The Wallet allows the users to even send, receive and exchange euros and dollars. The users can do the same with more than 20 cryptocurrencies that the Wallet currently supports.

With unique and most beneficial services, Bit2Me has gained the reputation of being the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Spain.

However, the exchange no longer wants to remain contained within a single jurisdiction. The reports reveal that Bit2Me is now aiming to expand its services and wants to make its presence known globally.

Just like other cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken, Bit2Me wants to expand globally. It wants cryptocurrency users from all over the world to use its platform for its services as well as to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Over the course of time, Bit2Me has gained so much success and recognition that it can become an exchange that competes with Binance, Coinbase, and other major exchanges.