The End of Axe Invest Scam

In the 20th and 21st century, internet has been the key element of the success throughout the world. When first launched, internet was only in the access of corporations and companies which were on the front lines of ground breaking inventions and discoveries but with the passage of time, internet gained commercial success and then spread its web across the globe by make its way to almost every household. What started off as an attempt to connect the entire world with one another has now become a platform for corporate and small businesses a hub where they can advertise their products and services in order to groom their profits.

With the passage of time, the concept of centralized trade has encountered its competitor which is de-centralized trade and one of the biggest example of this competitor is Foreign Exchange Trading. Foreign Exchange Trading (commonly known as Forex Trading) is the buying, selling and exchanging of currencies, e-currencies or crypto-currencies through online exchanges and has been trending since the beginning of the 21st Century where investors with only a few hundred bucks have made big fortunes and are still making their livings through this trade. Looking at the success of this trade, large groups of people who were completely new to the concept of even internet are now setting their foot into this field with hopes to try their luck and make a fortunate out of it.

Axe Invest Scam

As the saying goes “where there’s light, there’s shadow”, which literally means that whenever there are people out there with positive intentions, there will always be people with negative intent as well to turn things upside down for others and make other peoples’ lives miserable. Since the induction of online Forex Trading, there’s been thousands of individuals and hundreds of brokerages who have advertised their expertise in the Forex Trading and promising positive results to their benefits. Even though it is impossible to legitimize every broker’s authenticity, Axe Invest Scam has been at the top when it comes to making false claims and promises with innocent investors, luring them into spending their money and depriving them of their lifetime savings.

How did Axe Invest Scam lure investors?

When you plan on scamming people, the first thing you choose is the market, then choose the kind of people you need to scam and then find their weaknesses in order to exploit them which would compel them to take their money out of their accounts and hand them over to you. This is exactly the kind of tactic Axe Invest Scam had adapted. With the current economic pressure and downfall, everyone is looking for ways to double their cash and increase their chances of survival in the society and what can be more reliable then someone on the internet promising to take your precious money and giving it back to you doubled and tripled its value.

Axe Invest was able to gauge this weakness of the investors and offered them trading accounts starting from $250 initial deposit. To make it even more attractive, Axe Invest Scam added 1:100 to 1:1000 leverage to their investors’ trades giving them false hopes of never facing a loss if they traded with Axe Invest in the first place.

If you have been scammed then what are your options?

If you are one of those unfortunate investors who wanted to try their luck into the forex trading and ended up giving away your money to imposters such as Axe Invest Scam, then you have three options that are:

·         Give up and never look back

One of the best and most encouraging thing for such fraudsters is that most of the times, the investors who get scammed by these imposters are so much embarrassed that they don’t even bother to take any action against such crimes and as a result, such scammers end up stealing more and more people of their savings and fill their pockets with black money. Additionally, people who get scammed, lose complete faith in online trading and stamp the entire internet trading community as fraud which is not fair for people who have dedicated their lives and professions into providing the best services to their investors.

·         Do something on your own

If you have been scammed, there are not much chances that you will ever be able to get your hands on the people responsible for you losing your money as such fraudulent companies most of the times are headquartered overseas where there might not be regulations holding them accountable for such criminal acts. However, you can at least do a service for the newcomers in the investment line by sharing your feedback about scammers such as Axe Invest Scam. There are chances that there would hardly be a handful of people who would read your comments but if it is a single person who doesn’t go with such scammers after going through your review, is one person less losing their money so you should consider it a public service to keep raising your voice against such brokerages.

· is here for you

Believe it or not but now there is an organization of heroes who are at your service to save the day and even help you recover your money from the hooks of these pirates. is an organization of experienced traders, lawyers and psychologists who have taken it upon themselves to hunt down fraudsters such as Axe Invest Scams, take them to justice and make them pay back your hard earned money.

If you are worried about the fees, then rest assured because provides you initial consultation free of charge where they discuss and assess the possibility of you getting your money back and if there’s even a slightest hope of getting your money back, they are open to discussing it further and are extremely co-operative when it comes to negotiating their service charges.

Always gather info

At the end, the most important piece of advice is to never let your guard down or let anyone exploit your needs. The only way to achieve it is to make sure that you always do your research before making any investments no matter how familiar you are with the trade or how much of a positive feedback you receive from someone regarding any brokerage. One should always be cautious of such fraudsters and should always seek guidance from the online community before choosing an investor.