The Famous Billionaire Carl Icahn Reveals His Plans of Investing Big Into Crypto

The man behind the creation of Icahn Enterprises namely Carl Icahn has revealed his plans of joining the crypto industry. The billionaire has suggested that his company will soon be investing huge funding in crypto. He hinted that the investment could be more than US$ 1.5 Billion.

Icahn Enterprises is one of the leading conglomerate holding companies of the US registered in the State of New York. The enterprise was single-handedly established and named after the famous billionaire i.e. Carl Icahn. Icahn is also currently involved with the company as its shareholder, holding the majority of the shares of Icahn Enterprises.

He was interviewed recently by Bloomberg where he revealed his future plans, particularly about cryptocurrencies. He said that currently, he is working at the possibility which could allow his company to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

He apprised that his company namely Icahn Enterprises is in the process of becoming a member of the crypto community. The aim of the company to become part of the crypto community will be achieved by investing in the crypto industry. However, he shared that if the companies will decide to invest, then the investment will be big. When asked how much he expects the investment would be, Icahn responded that the amount would be roughly over and above US$ 1.5 Billion. He further suggested that he and his company believe that crypto will continue to attract more and more investment. He outrightly rejected the argument that crypto won’t last long and instead suggested that they will continue to exist.

Icahn is highly regarded as being a successful businessman and an investor and he is part of Wall Street as well. He was that person who developed Icahn Enterprises and started trading in options and arbitrate. In the year 1978, because of his expertise and success, his services were duly obtained by prominent individual companies. For instance, he remained part of several companies in the past such as Western Union, Texaco, RJR Nabisco, Viacam, Phillips Petroleum, and Uniroyal. The companies with which he was associated in the recent past included Netflix, Marvel, Lions Gate, El Paso, eBay, Apple, etc.

When asked about why a company would want to invest such a huge amount of crypto, he replied that people expect companies like his to go big. He explained that for him the big investment is somewhere in between one to two billion dollars. However, if the company decides to invest a small percentage then usually the small means “very small”. This is how he and his company had been keeping up with the rest of the world successfully throughout the time.

However, he did not confirm whether the investment is actually going to be US$ 1.5 Billion. He only suggested that the amount would be between US$ 1 to 2 Billion and could be, for example, US$ 1.1 Billion, said Icahn.