The Miami Bitcoin 2021 Conference Ends up Turning into a Brawl

Finally, the long-awaited Bitcoin 2021 conference took place in Miami and officially kicked on Friday, June 4, 2021. While many thought it would turn out to be one of the most prominent, productive, and interactive conferences, things are not looking the way they were expected.

The latest Bitcoin conference has ended up becoming an exchange of harsh words and arguments among the Bitcoin community and other crypto-supporters. Even some of the most prominent personalities and leading figures from the cryptocurrency industry have ended up becoming a part of the argument.

Prior to the launch of the Bitcoin 2021 Conference, the organizers announced that they were expecting a presence of a huge crowd. According to reports, the organizers had expected a crowd of 50,000 attendees at the conference, making it the largest Bitcoin conference in history.

The venue of the conference was Mana Wynwood Convention Center and was going to be a host to several leading figures in the cryptocurrency industry. Among all the attendees was Mati Greenspan who was formerly eToro’s senior market analyst.

Mati Greenspan is also reportedly the founder of Quantum Economics who was also part of the Bitcoin 2021 Conference. However, his way of perceiving the conference was different than the Bitcoin Maximalists.

After the first day of the conference, Greenspan shared his thoughts about the conference and what he thinks about the cryptocurrency community. He stated that for some time, a sudden change has come to the cryptocurrency community.

There used to be a time when the entire cryptocurrency industry was united, no matter the cryptocurrency. Yet, the cryptocurrency community is constantly growing into groups, which is causing many rifts. He stated that there is only one term to define the current happenings in the cryptocurrency industry, which is that the industry has a “toxic problem”.

His comment and views about the toxic problem and group in the cryptocurrency industry caused a huge storm in the entire cryptocurrency community. The cryptocurrency community was ignited when he stated that it would be the biggest cryptocurrency conference ever instead of being a Bitcoin 2021 conference.

Greenspan stated that he was not made aware that it would only be a Bitcoin conference that was held for the enthusiasts and fans of Bitcoin. This is when Pete Rizzo, a Bitcoin magazine editor came in and set the record straight for Greenspan.

He stated that the conference was for Bitcoin, so it was going to be about Bitcoin, which is why it was called the Bitcoin conference in the first place. However, Greenspan had his own reasons to state that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency just like any other, which is why he thought it was going to be cryptocurrency.