The Phenomenon of Emergence of Bitcoin Whales

A Bitcoin whale that came out six times out of the water spent around 11,000 Bitcoins which were acquired in 2010 – an era when Bitcoin’s creator was present and actively trading. For sure, it is a phenomenon and a pleasant sight to watch a whale movement.

It has been around 12 years since 2009 when Bitcoin was developed and incepted a whole new arena of trade. It started as an asset whose acquisition was low-budgeted. While some gladly accepted Bitcoin’s inclusion in the world of financials and trading but to some, it was a joke. Even till to that Bitcoin is considered a gimmick by various people. Yet the first crypto coin of the world astonished the world over time and has now become an essential part of the whole system. Even the value of Bitcoin is currently so high that one can only dream that he could have one for him.

Yet there were people i.e. the initial acquirers of Bitcoin who can still be seen visiting the crypto market very often. They are called by the name “whales” within the crypto community.

For the past two years, there had been several occasions when a few of these whales emerged out of the waters and stunned the whole world. Why the world was stunned was due to the fact that they were holding Bitcoins for which they had paid a couple of dollars. However, today the value of Bitcoin is well over US$ 36,000 and nearing US$ 40,000. Interestingly, this year Bitcoin also broke its record of the highest value in April when it peaked at US$ 64,000 plus. So the emerging of whales in these times is a phenomenon that is closely followed by the crypto community.

For instance, only a week ago, the community witnessed a whale coming into the market and spending a thousand units of Bitcoin. Upon inspection, it was revealed that these thousand Bitcoins were acquired way back in 2010. In another instance, apparently in 2020, the same mysterious Bitcoin holder utilized 11 thousand Bitcoins. It is hard to even for a normal mind to calculate how much money was involved when these 12000 Bitcoins were utilized by the owner.

Who is this whale is still a mystery but one thing is obvious that he is one of those early acquirers of Bitcoin. In fact, the person is from that particular era when Bitcoin’s creator too was actively involved.

However, this mysterious person’s movement has been noticed on six different occasions since 2020 till to date.

People have been suggesting that this mysterious person could be Satoshi Nakamoto himself/herself. But no one can actually confirm whether the person is Nakamoto or not. In addition, there were 3.39 million units of Bitcoin that were produced in 2010. Subsequently, the owners of these 3.39 million Bitcoins were multiple owners. It is therefore hard to imagine whether the person is Nakamoto or someone else.