TON Crystal is Now Listed on Changelly Pro

Changelly Pro has recently made a thrilling announcement for the users of TON Crystal. According to the announcement, Free TON Network’s token TON Crystal has now been listed on the Changelly Pro’s platform. The announcement around the listing of the TON Crystal was made by Changelly Pro on February 4, 2021.

While making the announcement, Changelly Pro confirmed that the users will be able to deposit their TON Crystal tokens to their PRO accounts with immediate effect. The firm has also announced that it has introduced that following the listing of TON Crystal, it has also introduced two new pairs for trading.

The firm has revealed that the two pairs have been formed with Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). Changelly Pro has confirmed that for now, it has created TON/BTC and TON/USDT pairs to gather feedback on them. If the firm receives a demand for more pairs along the way, it will surely introduce the pairs for its users.

Changelly Pro also announced that in order to celebrate the listing of the new token, it is giving a special offer to all the users. The firm has revealed that the special offer will be valid from February 4, 2021, to February 11, 2021.

One of the best features about Free TON is that it is a blockchain network that is owned by none but everyone at the same time. The developers of the Free TON network have always claimed that the platform is neither owned nor governed by anyone. There are no central management making decisions on the fate of the blockchain network or its users. The same is the case with the tools and the platforms that are introduced on the platform.

Whenever a new policy, rule, tool, or project needs to launch on the platform, the network seeks the approval of its community. All the members on the Free TON network are the decision-makers and have the ability to vote for the service they want or do not want. It is the Free TON community that decides whether a new tool or project will be launched or introduced.

No matter what the new process, tool, or project may be, it must go through the same decision-making process before it is implemented by the developers.

The developers of the Free TON network have reminded the crypto-community several times that they have no intentions of ever selling TON tokens. Instead, the users at the Free TON network follow a unique token distribution model that is meritocratic.

According to the meritocratic model, the community members at the Free TON network are provided with TON Crystal Tokens for free. The tokens are given to the community members for their contribution in the ecosystem.