Twitter is planning to make a Huge Move into Cryptocurrency Technology

Whenever there is a mentioning of Jack Dorsey, it would always be perceived that something positive would come out of him about Bitcoin. This is exactly what Dorsey has been doing since the start of 2021, as he has been endorsing himself as a proponent.

Just recently, Jack Dorsey had announced that his other company Square is going to work on launching Bitcoin in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. Now, the Bitcoin-enthusiast has made yet another announcement in regards to further adoption of Bitcoin.

Just recently, Jack Dorsey has announced that they are currently working to offer something new to Twitter users in the form of Bitcoin. He has revealed that Twitter teams are currently working on a project that would be beneficial for the platform’s content creators.

According to the social media giant, the content creators on Twitter would be given rewards for their work through a new payment method, which is going to be Bitcoin (BTC).

It is being reported that the recent beta for Twitter is now showing a new kind of coding on it. The reports suggest that the code shows that Twitter might be in the process of integrating Bitcoin into the protocol. So far, it has been established that Bitcoin may get integrated into the platform as a payment method.

The firm has revealed that it is going to launch a new feature through its platform, called the “Tip Jar”. The sources reveal that Twitter is working on the development of the feature and is using the lightning network to make it happen.

For now, the beta testers of the Tip Jar do not have access to the tipping feature for Bitcoin. However, the study of the coding going behind the beta version suggests that Twitter may soon add it for the users.

If that happens, Bitcoin will be added as a payment method for tipping the content creators. If that happens then Bitcoin would be one of the payment methods users would be able to use in order to tip content creators. As of now, the payment methods users have access to for tipping include PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Bandcamp, and Cash App.

The users who are unfamiliar with the process of tipping through the platform or Bitcoin altogether will be guided through video tutorials showing how to tip.

The video tutorials would also carry detailed guidance and support for users for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, non-custodial wallets, and custodial wallets.

Some major examples of the custodial wallets would include Phoenix, Breez, and Zap, in the video tutorials. As for non-custodial examples, the video tutorial would include wallets such as Wallet of Satoshi, Blue Wallet, and Strike.