UK Carries Out Public Survey for Determining Public Response on Crypto Mining with Climate Impact Perspective

British Government has carried out a poll in which the Government intended to determine the public response with regard to crypto mining and the impacts mining causes upon the climate. At least 45% of the surveyed people shared the view that the crypto ban would greatly benefit in saving the climate and thus the ban should be put in place. 18% of the respondents, however, opposed the imposition of ban while the rest were of the view that bank would not impact upon the global level adoption of virtual assets.

Glasgow, which is situated in the UK, is going to host the 26th UN Conference on Climate. The event is going to be attended by world leaders and discuss one-point agenda “saving the climate”.

Global climate is continuously being damaged since the humanity started to evolve. However, from the past two centuries, the adverse impact on climate is the harshest one. With the discovery of oil, mankind started to make good use of the oil at the cost of polluting the climate. Though science has progressed a lot yet it cannot restore the climate as it was initially. However, it can be bettered but requires entire mankind’s commitment, composure and great dedication. But evolution and discovery are not coming without impacting upon the climate.

Such is the situation with the digital asset industry as well. Though the industry is heavily joined by entire humanity yet it has been one of the major causes of polluting the environment. There is a segment of society which believes that crypto should be banned once and for all. However, the vast majority of people wants crypto to stay.

In this context, before holding the 26th climate conference, British Government decided to carry out a public survey. In this survey, respondents were given a simple question. The question was, do they believe crypto should be banned altogether considering its adverse impacts upon the global climate.

It was noted that at least 3,071 people in the UK were surveyed for the purposes of determining public response towards the question. The survey results showed that there were 48% people at least who said that crypto should be banned. They opined that climate shouldn’t be compromised for money. Already the humanity has exploited the climate too much.

However, the survey noted 18% people who opined against banning crypto. They argued that there is nothing wrong with crypto but the issue is with mining process. Of course the mining process has to be bettered so that it could become climate-friendly, they argued. While the rest of the respondents were of the view that even if ban is put in place, it wouldn’t do anything. Crypto will continue to proceed in the same pace as it is going today.

But in case, UK decides to ban crypto, then it already has determined public’s viewpoint on the possibility.