United Exchange Review – What Trading Account Features Set It Apart

United Exchange Review

Before you sign up with any online trading services provider, it is always recommended that you look at the trading accounts. In most cases, you will have a comparison of all the trading accounts from the company on a page. You can look at the account names, the minimum deposit requirements, and all the features that come with each account type. Now, the list of features that online companies offer is constantly growing. However, if you talk about intelligent features, I think United Exchange is different. I would like to further explain my claim in this United Exchange review by touching upon the main features.

Training and Education

Training is always a part of online trading, especially when you are just starting out. I recommend you never start trading without education, especially when someone tells you that you don’t need it and that you can make millions without any efforts. That’s just wrong and you never want to trust such a person. So, when you sign up with United Exchange, you can pick from five different accounts, each offering you a different set of training features. If you go with the gold account, you will have a monthly session with an accounts and trading expert.

Furthermore, if you go with the platinum account, you will enjoy some even better features. You will have access to a webinar every week in addition to the training session that will have you and a certified account in it. The higher you go into accounts, the more features you will get, and the customized education feature is just one of those things. Yes, you can customize the way you learn trading when you go with the diamond or a higher account.

Accessible Market Types

This is yet another thing that you can admire about this company. It provides you with many financial instruments that you can trade from the same trading platform. This platform does not need you to download it. It can be used on the web from any device and any corner of the world at any given time. So, you can trade forex currency pairs, which include the minor, major and exotic ones. You can trade indices and stocks. You also have cryptocurrencies for trading, but what makes things really interesting is that you can trade all of those assets regardless of the account type you pick.

In other words, what it means is that your access to financial markets is not limited based on the account type you pick. The icing on the cake is that you can have 1:100 leverages on your forex currency pairs even when you go with just the silver account, which is the first on the list. The same leverage can be as high as 1:400 when you pick a higher trading account suited for advanced traders and experts.

Account Manager and Trading Signals

These are two really different features, and I really want you to pay close attention to them. The reason I want you to especially know about them is that they make trading easy for you when you just start out. So, you have the account manager that can help you stay on track with your trades and help you with trading outcomes by providing you with practical knowledge and help. You also have a portfolio manager that can help you pick the right type of assets based on the type of trader you are.

Trading signals will also be available to you when you pick the right account. This means, these signals will help you know whether you should buy an asset in the market or sell it.

Final Thoughts

There are many things for you to explore after signing up with this company. Its trading services are suited for new as well as experienced traders. However, the features I have told you above really give it a unique place in hundreds of other trading platforms that are available on the internet today.