Upbit Takes Mainstream Adoption To Next Level, On Boards An Italian Football Team

After a long and bad year, the cryptocurrency industry is looking forward to having a fresh start. The industry is eager to make its presence known in the mainstream industry.

In the year 2022, the cryptocurrency industry has paid a huge price in the form of losing its credibility and its attraction.

The mainstream industry has ended up losing faith in the cryptocurrency industry. However, as the New Year has begun, the crypto industry is looking forward to a fresh beginning as well.

This is when each cryptocurrency firm and entity is trying to play its role in bringing faith and confidence back to the industry.

Upbit Taps a Deal with Napoli

Since the beginning of 2021, a great connection was witnessed between the cryptocurrency and the sports sectors. In sports, it is football that has taken a lot of interest in crypto technology.

This is the reason why several football clubs have formed multiple partnerships with different kinds of cryptocurrency entities over the past couple of years.

This time, the crypto headlines are talking about Upbit and SSC Napoli. Upbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that is owned by Dunamu Inc. a major fintech firm from South Korea.

As for SSC Napoli, it is one of the most prominent football clubs that hails from Serie A, the leading professional soccer league in Italy.

The latest reports confirm that a deal has been signed between Dunamu Inc. and SSC Napoli. With the deal forged between both entities, the Upbit exchange will see its logo on the t-shirts of the Italian club.

The reports confirm that the logo of the exchange will be present on the back of the t-shirts that the Napoli players wear. The deal has been signed for the running and the next season.

Details of the Partnership

Both sides have confirmed that the partnership has been formed to show the exchange’s logo on all of the leagues and different kinds of matches Napoli is part of.

The venues include the friendly, the Coppa Italia, and the Serie A matches. In all of the matches, the players’ jerseys from Napoli will have the exchange’s logo displayed at the back.

The executives at Napoli have confirmed that all the billboards around the Naples-based stadium for the team will have the exchange’s logo.

This is a major deal signed between Dunamu and Napoli and it may get extended if the exchange witnesses a great influx.

Logo to be displayed from January 4

As part of the deal, the first display of the Upbit logo would be in the January 4 match Napoli is to play against Inter. It is going to be the next Serie A fixture between the teams.

Both sides issued a press release and they have made an official announcement on the matter as well.

The Deal is going to Benefit Both Sides

According to the officials from Napoli and Dunamu, the partnership is of great significance to both sides.

This is because while Upbit is after mainstream recognition, Napoli seeks to increase its following. With the Napoli players wearing the Upbit logo, the Italian public may soon grow curious about the brand.

They may start searching about it and may gain awareness about its nature, providing more traffic and a user base to the exchange. This, in turn, will provide benefits for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Then comes the Napoli club which has sought a greater fan following. It wants to grow to the same level as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

With forming a deal with Dunamu, Napoli expects its recognition would rise in the South Korean region. The club is determined to increase its fan base and signing a deal with Dunamu would be a great step for Napoli.