Voting for 2021 Elections to be conducted through Blockchain System

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According to the latest reports, it has been revealed that the Russian officials have shared satisfactory remarks on the adoption of the new voting system. The reports suggest that the officials of the Russian Government have supported the new voting system powered by blockchain technology.

As a result, the citizens of Russia would be able to cast votes for their favorite parties via PCs and smartphones. The Russian Government has also indicated that it is planning to add blockchain voting as a permanent method in future elections.

The government of Russia has stated that it would be happy to adopt the voting system powered by the blockchain system. There are reports that the Russian Government is also planning to adopt the blockchain voting technology for parliamentary elections set to take place next year.

It has been revealed that blockchain technology for the voting system has already been adopted and test in Russia. The technology was used for the constitutional reform’s recent referendum for the country. The blockchain voting technology was adopted and tested at two testbed locations.

The first location was Nizhniy Novgorod city and the other one was the capital city of Russia, Moscow. The reports confirmed that somewhere around 1.14 million Russian citizens residing in these cities had participated in the voting process.

However, the testing did not work out the way the Russian Government had intended it to work out in the first place. The team overseeing the blockchain voting technology found several issues and problems with the system.

The team also detected that there were attempts made to hack into the system with aims to rig the elections. The team working on the project and testing the technology even found an e-ballot paper that was spoiled. This proved that someone had tried hacking into the voting system with the aim to rig the elections.

Following the recent indication made by the government of Russia, a local media source has shared a shocking report. The firm has claimed that the government of Russia is planning to use the same technology in order to carry out future voting.

This means that the same vulnerable and easily accessible blockchain system that had been previously attacked by the hackers would be used to cast voting for the elections again.

However, the Russian Government has just made a statement where it has provided clarity on the entire matter. The government of Russia has confirmed they have made the necessary changes and have applied fixes to the blockchain voting system since the last incident.

Therefore, the system they have now adopted is an advanced and secure version of the blockchain-based voting system. The government has confirmed that the same and improved blockchain technology would be used for the upcoming elections on September 13, 2021.