WadzPay announce partnership with XinFin

One of the biggest Singapore blockchain-based payment services providers WadzPay recently developed strategic ties with XinFin. XinFin is a hybrid Blockchain technology company. WadzPay via its official statement said that company is delighted to announce this new strategic journey with XinFin.

The biggest reason behind this strategic partnership is to fulfill the increased need for digital payments transaction. Apart from that, this strategic venture will also guarantee a lower transaction fee when it comes to transferring digital currencies. WadzPay in its recent statement said that the company is committed to delivering faster processing times, with increased security and data protection.

WadzPay is a full-scale blockchain exchange that issues digital currencies and provides a platform for the trade of digital currency. The officials have said that the collaboration with XinFin will further diversify the company’s digital portfolio. This new venture will help WadzPay to offer Finance and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) like products and solutions. WadzPay’s current vision is to provide all the blockchain-related services under one roof.

XinFin will enable WadzPay to offer its products to private traders, the company will also be able to issue its wallets, and WadzPay will also offer services to banks and other institutional investors. However, the goal behind this venture for WadzPay is to expand its market share. However, in return, XinFin, a hybrid blockchain technology company will use XDC on the WadzPay platform along with access to more than 250 digital currencies.

Anish Jain, managing director and CEO of WadzPay, stated:

“XinPin has added great value to our ecosystem, it will add much-needed protection and further foster our payment transfer operations. The goal here is to keep up the pace with the recent paradigm shift. The future belongs to blockchain and digital trading. However, the strategic ties with XinPin will support the company’s long-term business goals. It’s a win-win situation for both of the business organizations.”

XinFin’s hybrid blockchain platform offers blockchain technologies to both private and institutional investors. It addressed both private and institutional concerns as well.

Since XinPin has now become a partner with WadzPay, it will help WadzPay to develop business relations with both private and institutional investors. The fact of the matter is that blockchain will become the backbone of the financial world in the future. Developing ties with XinPin also provide the WadzPay with the chance to offer the development of blockchain-based operational frameworks to its private and institutional clients.

The goal behind WadzPay’s strategic venture is to further improve blockchain protocol.  To further extend its reach in the Asian cryptocurrency markets this step is necessary. From the day of its initiation, the company has constantly focused on expansion.