Wallet Recovery Service Helping People at its Best

Just recently, something almost impossible has been achieved by a wallet recovery service. The report suggests that the wallet recovery service has been able to access a wallet that was inaccessible for six years. It has been confirmed that the particular wallet had 10 million Dogecoin (DOGE) stored in it but it was not accessible for almost six years.

The name of the particular wallet recovery service that helped the user gain access to his wallet was KeychainX. The platform was approached by a person who a retired truck driver was wanting to gain access to his wallet.

The user informed the KeychainX representatives about the wallet, telling them he had a large number of Dogecoin stashed inside of the wallet. The user informed that back in 2015, he had spent $1,500, acquiring Dogecoin against the money he spent.

Turns out, the investment he made back in 2015 was finally going to get paid off, as the price of the DOGE he had increased more than two thousand times.

The firm reported that they were surprised to know about the retired truck driver’s case and wanted to help him with his problem. The amount that the user had spent back in 2015, was now going to get him over $3 million.

The team at the KeychainX firm, therefore, looked into the matter and established the problem with it. They revealed that there was a 12-digit PIN, which he had for his Android wallet. All they had to do was to find out the numbers in the PIN code. This was going to become a huge problem for the team.

According to the firm, it would have taken an entire lifetime trying to figure out the numbers on the PIN. However, the team knew exactly where to begin, as they went ahead and asked the user for the numbers that had significance in his life.

Such numbers could help the team look into the PIN for the wallet and try to find out exactly what the number would be. After acquiring the numbers from the user, the team went ahead trying to find the right numbers to access the wallet. The teams also tried analyzing the encryption that had been deployed inside of the wallet to protect the key from trespassers.

The team made several attempts in order to unlock the wallet and went through several experiments but to no avail. They finally figured out that part of the PIN that the user had saved was mentioned in the hints section.

Therefore, they proceeded with those numbers, and finally, they were able to decrypt the wallet and gain access to it. Since the decryption, the funds have been accessed and moved to the other wallet where the retired truck driver to cash them out.