Work Under-Progress for Erecting a Statue of Bitcoin Inventor

A Budapest site in Hungary will soon be honored to house a bronze sculpture, preferably a life-size statue, of the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The artists working on the project are Reka Gergely and Tamas Gilly who have almost finalized the sculpture design.

Satoshi Nakamoto – the inventor of living legend Bitcoin – will never be forgotten or that the world will never be allowed to forget what Nakamoto did if people like Reka Gergely and Tamas Gilly are still living in the world.

Both of these men namely Gilly and Gergely are professional sculpture artists and have come with the idea of honoring Bitcoin’s inventor. They are currently working on the design of bringing to life a bronze sculpture which would be a life-size statute. The interesting thing about this project is that on which they both are working is the sculpture of “Satoshi Nakamoto” i.e. inventor of Bitcoin.

Nakamoto’s mystery is yet to be unearthed as no one actually knows who is “Satoshi Nakamoto”.  Not even this is confirmed whether he is a man or a woman. However, the majority assumes that Nakamoto is a man but “Satoshi Nakamoto” is not his actual name. Is he alive or dead, is also a question that has no answer as yet.

But the popularity of Nakamoto is unmatched and every member of the crypto community is indebted to him. Both Gergely and Gilly have prepared initial designs of the statue, even though they are completely unwary of Nakamoto’s real image. But they are committed to their profession and have proposed to showcase Nakamoto as a man wearing a hoodie, not revealing his face. The background theme of the sculpture is to reflect both, the world of the internet and the creator of Bitcoin, in a statue.

The idea of erecting Nakamoto’s sculpture belonged to a third person named Andras Gyorfi. Gyorfi made a statement before the press that for showcasing Bitcoin inventors, the world does not need an identity. He also stated that the world is now a better place thanks to whoever is Satoshi Nakamoto. At least the world can put up his statue for honoring what he did for the entire world.

Gyorfi’s idea is not a new thing as the somewhat similar statue of Nakamoto was erected in Kyiv in 2018. Thereafter, another statute, reflecting the Blockchain technology and Bitcoin was also installed in Kranj, a city of Slovenian.

Similarly, there are already erected some hooded bronze figurines at various sites in Budapest.

But the present idea of honoring Bitcoin inventors has been appreciated throughout the crypto community. Even Twitter account holders, who are associated with crypto, are talking about the sculpture and posts that have been shared. Even prominent investors of Bitcoin too are actively replying to a thread dedicated to Nakamoto’s bronze sculpture in Budapest.