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About XFortunes

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XFortunes seems to excel when it comes to CFD trading because it offers a bundle of features which, from first glance, makes up for a very interesting offer. The broker shows great ambitions for starters, putting it in a favorable position to deliver on its promises.

Trading online with XFortunes also means access to the popular cryptocurrency market, which continues to draw a lot of attention. That’s not all, though. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent perks that those who choose to work with XFortunes are entitled to.

CFD Trading

As we already mentioned, the main specialty of XFortunes is CFD trading, which is a popular approach nowadays when taking advantage of short-term price movements. The diversity of assets available in this case (FX, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto and ETFs) means traders of all kinds are able to find value with XFortunes.

trading CFDs with XFortunes

When you work with them, they put you in a position to tackle promising trade opportunities that show up every day, with tailored leverage and attractive costs. No commissions are charged, and XFortunes abides by a “no-hidden fee” approach. This shows commitment to meeting customer demands and a great deal of competitiveness (which is very important, now when so many different brokers are out there delivering similar services).

Tailored Trading Features

In terms of trading features, diversity stands out once again. There are 6 different account types with XFortunes. You can always find one suited for the amount of capital you can invest, with the minimum for a Basic account being 250 EUR.

XFortunes Trading Features

With that being the case, it’s fair to assume the company puts a great emphasis on inclusiveness. Traders who choose to work with XFortunes are rewarded with promising features, including support from an account manager, price alerts, swap discounts, and a welcome bonus on deposit.

Trading the markets is done with the help of proprietary software, compatible with any device. XFortunes built a platform that can address both pros and beginners, incorporating popular tools and reliable safety features.


Speaking of trading education, a lot of work has been done thus far on this end as well. More specifically, all customers who join XFortunes have access to the education center and price alerts. Depending on the account type, the broker provides other resources as well, including:

  • PRO webinars
  • Daily analysis videos
  • Daily market reviews
  • 1-on-1 trading trainer

Personalized Trading Strategies

The goal is to provide enough content so traders are constantly updated with the latest developments in financial markets. People who wish to sign up can also learn the basics of trading and understand key concepts that are a must when trading effectively.

Bottom Line

XFortunes shows that it’s in for the long run, with a goal to establish a relationship with its clients. The long list of features you can access is very intuitive, given the market’s current framework. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how much capital you have, or whether you have any background in finance, because the offer is tailor made. With XFortunes you can go far, thanks to the wide range of educational content at hand.