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Xtrade Australia Review

Assets are the net worth of a person’s (or an organization) properties. Assets can be acquired through different means, but for all the means by which asset acquisitions are possible, all asset holders desire ways to improve their asset holdings. Everyone wants the value of their assets to increase, and on the rare occasion that an increase is not possible; people want their assets to at least maintain their original value.

This singular reason is why many asset holders seek out investment opportunities. These opportunities, many times, help asset holders achieve their goal of getting more assets. The reason why assets need to be invested in because of the opportunities for huge profits in the financial market. The financial assets that were expensive yesterday may become extremely cheap today. For someone who has a lot of wealth yesterday, if he/she has not found a way to make up for the possibility of this kind of asset market eventuality, there may be trouble for such a person.

There are many classes of assets, and for each class of assets, there are several investment opportunities for the investors. The investment opportunities available for an investor depend on the class of assets he has available at his disposal. This is because assets investments involve using an asset to get more of the same or other assets. Anyone interested in the assets trading market must first check and determine what class of financial products his assets belong to because determining this will help gear such an investor to the right investment line.

The financial assets market is one of the broadest of the assets trading market, and this is because of the many types of financial assets available in the financial trading market. The uniqueness of trading in the financial assets market is out of this world. An advantage of trading in the financial trading market is that financial assets are fantastic and straightforward ways of generating passive income. Passive income in simple terms is income made while one is not working. Earning a substantial amount of passive income is key to anyone attaining financial freedom.

Investing in financial assets require a person or an organization to employ the agency of an investment broker. An investment broker is an agency which presents a platform for investors and traders to carry out their trade executions in the financial market. The trading success or failure of an investor is largely dependent on the success or failure of his/her broker. The experience and product range of an investment broker are all factors that work amazingly, either to the advantage or disadvantage of the investor.

There are a series of factors you should carefully scrutinize about an investment broker before deciding to invest on its platform. Some of these factors include security, product range, experience et cetera.

Perhaps you may have seen the opportunities embedded in the financial assets market, and you seek to take advantage of the financial assets investment opportunity, it will be a wise decision to employ the services of a legitimate and reliable broker in the financial market. One of the responsible and experienced brokers in the financial market is Xtrade.

Xtrade is one investment broker platform you would want to seriously consider for your investments. However, you need not worry yourself with running a background check on its platform all by yourself because we have done just that to help guide your investment decisions.

Read along to see our review of the Xtrade platform.


Broker XTrade
Website www.xtrade.com.au
Parent company Financial Arena Ltd (XTrade International Ltd)
Location Belize City, Belize; and Johannesburg
Regulations International financial services commission (IFSC) in Belize
Trading Accounts Demo account, and Real trading account – standard account and premium account.
Trading Platforms Web-based trader, Mobile app (Android and iOS)
Mobile trading Yes
Assets Coverage CFDs, Shares, Commodities, Forex (Major, Minor, and Exotic), Indices, Cryptos, ETFs, and Bonds
Crypto products Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash coin (DASH), Ripple (XRP), Neo, ZCash, Monero, and more
Deposits VISA card, MasterCard, Skrill, AstroPay, Neteller, Load, and Jeton
Withdrawal fees No
Deposit fees No
Minimum deposit $250
Education and Training Yes: Video tutorials, courses, Glossary, and Blog.
Trader Tools CFDs, Trading, Opening positions, Closing positions, Leverage and Margin, Risk control order types, Risk management tools, Instrument types, et cetera.
Language Options 35 multiple language options – English language, Italian language, French language, Portuguese language, Danish language, German language, Spanish language, Hungarian language, Russian language, and others
Customer support 24 hours a day, and 5 days a week – live chat,

Email, and phone

News and analysis Financial calendar, financial news, daily analysis video, and calculators

Xtrade is an investment brokerage platform with offices in Belize and Johannesburg. The assets available on the Xtrade platform are quite numerous, and they are more than enough to make any trader successful in the assets trading market. The Xtrade platform offers Contract for Difference (CFD) trades across various asset classes such as Indices, commodities, shares, Forex, Cryptocurrency, ETFs, Bonds, CFDs list. The assets available on this brokerage platform are to help investors maximize investment potentials.

The Xtrade platform has helped investors get amazing investment results for over ten (10) years. This platform is the apt support system for an investor. Xtrade provides in-depth educational resources which it uses to empower its clients. The educational resources available on the Xtrade platform include video tutorials, courses, glossary, and blog. All these resources are adequate to empower a trader with little or no experience in the asset trading environment. The educational resources on the Xtrade platform are also very resourceful for expert and professional traders as the courses offered in its educational sector delve into issues that touch the very core of assets investment.

A notable thing about this broker is that its platform is affiliated with the football star Christiano Ronaldo, according to a segment of the Xtrade web page, Christiano is an official brand ambassador of Xtrade.

Security is one very salient pillar of Xtrade, as the broker uses top-notch encryption technologies to secure the funds and investment of traders and investors on its platform. In terms of regulations, this broker is regulated by the IFSC in Belize.

The customer service of Xtrade is another strong supporting pillar which this platform uses to help its clients. The agents of the Xtrade platform’ customer care is friendly and easy to reach any time of the day. There are several language options with which Xtrade offers its services, as this platform spreads tentacles across different ethnic (and language) regions of the world.

The Xtrade platform also offers a very innovative affiliate program through which its clients can also earn another source of income.



There are two basic types of accounts on the Xtrade platform: the Demo trading account, and the Live trading account. The two account provisions on the Xtrade platform complement each other.

The Demo Account

The Demo trading account is a kind of dummy account. The demo account comes with some amount of money from Xtrade, but the money on a demo account can only be used to make demo trades, and nothing more. The features of a demo account are just the exact of the assets trade market place; the stakes are the same as that of the assets trade market place, and the processes are the same as well. The most prominent uniqueness of the demo account is the fact that the stakes are not real.

A demo trade is a trade order executed on a demo trading account. The profit from demo trades can only be used to make more demo trades, and nothing more, it cannot be withdrawn or sent to another account. The profits of a demo account stay within the demo account.

 The losses made on a demo account are not real losses; this is because the value of the loss will be deducted from the amount of money preloaded on the demo account by Xtrade.

A demo account is especially resourceful for getting accustomed to the trading environment. Demo accounts come in handy for both amateur traders as well as expert investors. Whether you are a complete newbie of the assets trading market or you are an expert investor who seeks to try out some trade techniques, the demo account on the Xtrade platform is just what you need for this. Investors should note however that the demo account operates in the same way as the live account. So if you do not record some consistent level of trade success trading with a demo account, you should keep trading with a demo account until you can achieve this level of consistency. If an investor fails with demo trades, there is no guarantee of successful trading on the live trading account; such an investor should perfect his/her trading art on the demo account before progressing to trade with real stakes on the live trading account.

The Live Account

The live trading account is the same as the demo account in all regards except for the fact that this time the trader is trading with real stakes. The profits realized on live trades can be withdrawn, used to make more live trades, or sent to an account. The losses on live trade executions are also very real as they depreciate the value of the investor’s money on the Xtrade platform.

The money used for trading on a live Xtrade trading account is that of the investor, and so the profit and the losses also accrue to the investor. There are two types of live trading accounts provided on the Xtrade platform.

XTrade Standard Account: This trading account is designed for beginner and experienced traders. The account comes with a minimum deposit of $250. This trading account also comes with the following features:

  • 24 hours a day, five days a week customer support
  • Economic calendar
  • Desktop and mobile trader
  • Daily video market review
  • One-on-one platform lesson
  • Demo account

XTrade Premium Account: The Premium trading account of Xtrade is designed for professional traders in the financial market. This trading account comes with a $1000 minimum deposit, and other juicy features. The premium trading account has the following features:

  • 24 hours a day, five days a week customer support
  • Desktop and mobile trader
  • Educational video tutorials and eBooks.
  • Daily video market review
  • Autochartist, market analysis, reports, and forecast
  • One-on-one platform lesson
  • Demo account
  • Economic calendar
  • Exclusive welcome bonus
  • Dedicated account manager


There are a lot of assets through which an investor can make his/her trade executions on the Xtrade platform. This broker offers CFD trades on shares, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, ETFs, and Indices.


The Xtrade platform offers a wide range of educational resources, and these resources are very useful in helping traders become successful in the art of trading. This broker understands the importance of trading and keeping having the latest and up-to-date information in the financial market. Thus, XTrade has provided educational materials and resources for its traders and investors to refresh their trading skills and try new trading techniques. These resources and materials are evergreen and useful for both beginners and experienced traders. Likewise, the trading tools available on the Xtrade platform help the trader make well-informed investment choices.


The Xtrade platform is available on a web-based trader and a mobile application. For financial trading in the market, it is essential to have a reliable and responsive trading platform. Hence, to adequately accommodate the various assets and products offered by this broker, the Xtrade brokerage firm has developed a web trader which can be accessed from any internet-enabled web browser, with complete tools and trading instruments.

The web trader requires no download or maintenance and can be accessed from any web browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and others. The trading platform of Xtrade is a user-friendly trading platform that enables access to all trading functions and tools.

Similarly, Xtrade ensures that traders and investors on its platform can trade from anywhere and at any time of the day. To enjoy a better trading experience and never miss out on trading opportunities, the broker has developed a mobile trading app which is compatible with all mobile device operating systems. This mobile trading platform is available on Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. This mobile trading platform includes full features and functionality, as well as all the trading tools and technical indicators. The user-friendly trading platform can be used in any location and at any time.


As recognition of its superb services in the financial market, this broker has been honoured with several awards in the financial industry.

The Xtrade platform has won the following awards:

  • Best broker middle East, Forex Report Award, 2016
  • Best mobile trading platform, China Forex Expo, 2015
  • Best forex broker, MENA Forex Expo, 2016
  • The best mobile platform, FX Empire, 2016
  • Best customer service, AtoZ Forex, 2016


This broker has provided another avenue for its clients to earn money on its platform. Xtrade rewards the loyalty of its customers across the globe by giving out the following bonuses and rewards:

  • Account Verification Bonus – Verify your account and receive a 20 per cent bonus. This bonus is credited to your equity and can be used for trading purposes. 300 Xpoints is required to redeem this bonus and must be within 30 days.
  • Phone Verification Bonus – This gives you up to $25 cash bonus for verifying your phone on the XTrade trading account. To redeem this, you need to accumulate 300 points within 30 days.
  • Special XTrade VIP Package – The benefit of this bonus include personal account management, extra training session, discount ion spread, exclusive promotions and bonuses, special financing terms, and valuable gifts.
  • First Deposit Welcome Bonus – You earn up to $6000 as well as a full training pack to learn more forex tricks when you make your first deposit on the Xtrade account. This bonus is added to your trading account when you have accumulated the required number of trading points within 30days.
  • First Trade On Xtrade Bonus – When you open your first deal, XTrade will cover it by allowing you to keep any profit earned or refunding the loss up to 500 US dollar cash.
  • Exclusive 77% Bonus Offer – When you sign up as an XTrade customer, the company’s ambassador and football star, Christiano Ronaldo, will give you an enormous 77 per cent bonus on every deposit you make within the first seven days.


There are thirty-five different language options available on the Xtrade platform. With these multiple languages, traders and investors from different areas of the world can easily interact with the broker’s platform. The languages include English Language, French Language, Portuguese Language, Italian Language, Dutch Language, Spanish Language, Finnish Language, Greek Language, Filipino Language, Croatian Language, Slovakian Language, Bulgarian Language, Bosnian Language, Hindi Language, Vietnamese Language, Serbian Language, Persian Language, Russian Language, Danish Language, Hungarian Language, Arabic Language, Japanese Language, Polish Language, Swedish Language, Czech Language, Indonesian Language, Slovenian Language, Korean Language, Malaysian Language, and others.


Xtrade is an amazing, legitimate, and reliable broker in the financial market, and the awards which it has won prove this. Your financial investments would not only be in a safe place with its platform, but they would also be on a profitable platform.