Yet Again A Single Tweet by the Crypto-Guru Sends Dogecoin’s Price Up

Elon Must has done it again, after sending a tweet about the Dogecoin he has sent the price of Dogecoin up by 35%.

The Technoking of Tesla is back with his frequent dose of tweets about the Dogecoin, taking the token on moon literally this time.

Musk tweeted that he is literally going to get SpaceX to put an actual Dogecoin on the moon. This would be incredible to see – just imagine one small step for SpaceX and one giant leap for dogecoin.

This tweet of Musk’s was of course a reference to the popular phrase; Dogecoin to the moon.  This is essentially a rally-call for Doge to sky-rocket in price.

Musk has tweeted about Dogecoin to Mars as well in one of his previous tweets regarding the token. It is one of Elon’s biggest goals to be able to colonize Mars. We have even seen Musk come out and say that he believes cryptocurrency will be the future currency on Mars. In particular he sees Dogecoin as one of the coins that could excel. While this would make sense as there are no banks on Mars, it still seems to be a stretch of the imagination.

The main question that arises is that what do such tweets mean for Dogecoin?

Essentially, it means nothing since it’s not like the Technoking coming out and saying that one could use Doge to purchase Teslas. This is just another one of his patented hyped-tweets to rally the price of the coin a little bit.

With his latest tweet, the token’s price went on to surge by 35% back up to $0.07. It has, however, since dropped back down to under $0.06 but this is one of the bigger spikes seen for the coin. The spike was much appreciated after seeing Dogecoin stagnate around the $0.05 mark for a while.

Over the past couple of months, Elon’s tweets haven’t really been moving the price up of the Dogecoin all that much. It seemed like the tweets were becoming a little bit watered down so it is encouraging to see the way it spiked this time.

Musk is known for his cryptic tweets, though this particular tweet must be taken with a grain of salt since it’s Aril Fools’ month. Elon’s tweet Nonetheless, did send the price of the coin up, albeit, momentarily. It is amazing how one tweet from Musk can affect the market so much. It just goes on to show that how many eyes are on Elon right now since he entered the crypto space. He has been auditing code for different blockchain projects. Then he’s also been doing a bunch of investments on behalf of Tesla and tweeting about it non-stop.

Everyone really has been looking up to Musk lately. He has become sort of this crypto Guru and thought leader which reflects in the incredible market movements as well.