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Introduction to ZuluTrade

One of the best things about trading online is the incredible sense of ease that you get with it. You don’t have to go anywhere to put in your trades and you don’t have to worry about going somewhere to give money and deal with a broker. Instead, you can choose the assets that you want to invest in and let the trading platform do the rest. But what most trading platforms could benefit from is a more social experience that allows them to better trade with a sense of community. In this ZuluTrade Review, I will go over how it manages to give an excellent sense of community with its improved socializing features. 

https://www.zulutrade.com/copy-trading | ZuluTrade
https://www.zulutrade.com/copy-trading | ZuluTrade

Improved Socializing Features for a Greater Sense of Community

One of the most unique features that I have seen ZuluTrade bring to the table was the inclusion of a greater sense of community. And it has managed to do this by having a community tab where people can interact with each other. People can like different posts and reply to posts that they have answers to. The important thing about making those posts is that it is easily one of the most effective ways that you can learn more about people and the best way that you can trade in the market. 

Most trading platforms will overlook the importance of a community that comes with trading. Not only is it a great way for people to find like-minded individuals and feel more at ease with the way that they trade, but it is also a very effective way for them to learn more about trading. People will often have a better chance of learning something when it is a person teaching them. Therefore, traders are learning more about the market, as well as how they can make the most of each trade. People are also more likely to stay on the platform since it is where they feel accepted. 

When using the trading platform, I was quite surprised to see just how friendly and welcoming all of the people were. Not only were they excited that a new person has come to trade, but they were also excited to help people whom they have just met and make them feel more at home. 

Different Types of Trading Instruments to choose from

One of the biggest challenges that people face when they start looking for a good trading platform is that they need to find one with good features and a good selection of trading assets. If a good service has one of these things and not the other, then it will usually lead to people leaving and looking for another service. But under the right circumstances, traders can find a good trading platform that can offer them the services that they want.

Fortunately, Zulutrade is one such service that has a range of trading instruments at its disposal via its partner brokers.  

It features CFDs including day trading of stocks, forex, crypto, indices, and commodities, provided, your broker supports these instruments.

A Demo Account that You Can Use to Check All the Different Features 

A major problem that many people struggle with when getting into a trading platform is that they barely know anything about it and yet they are expected to make a major commitment. This is generally a bad idea since it does not allow traders to first feel comfortable about the platform before they are put in a position where they need to make a decision. Therefore, traders will often gravitate towards trading platforms that will offer a demo account that allows people to test the different features before they have to make any major commitments.  ZuluTrade is one such trading platform that also comes with a demo account. 

https://www.zulutrade.com/sign-up-investor | ZuluTrade Demo Account

The best part about the demo account that comes with ZuluTrade is that it can allow you to test every single feature that the trading platform has to offer before you have to make any major commitments. You can easily find out how the system works and where you have to go to find the different features. Suffice it to say, by the time people are done using their demo account, they will have a thorough understanding of how everything works and how they have to use the platform. 

Automated Trading

Another one of the big benefits that come with using ZuluTrade is that it has an automated trading feature. The automated trading feature is easily one of the biggest features that this trading platform has since it can help new traders make better trades and skip most of the early slog that comes with trading.  Not only can they instantly start making more educated decisions as a result of the automated trading assistant, but they can also earn from the many patterns of the trading assistant to improve their overall trading effectiveness. 


Getting into trading is never necessarily an easy decision since you often have to deal with the shortcomings that come with the better part of these different types of trading platforms. But in the case of ZuluTrade, it is very effective at helping people get the most out of their trading experience. With the different types of features that each one has, it is easily its major selling point.