Action Refund Review – Asking Some Important Questions

Action Refund Review

Are you victim of an online scam? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Millions of people all over the world have been scammed online, in one way or another. Not all scams have something do with money. Sure, lots of people have lost their money to one type of fraud or another, but there are also those who have had their information stolen and used in illegal activities. It could be their personal information or even their work credentials. The world of the internet is diverse and extensive, and so are the frauds, scams and hacks that take place within it.

When these scams first began, they were very basic and simple, but over the years, the scammers have gotten better and have added new tricks because people are onto them. Lots of websites on the internet have been established for creating awareness of these scams, so people have learnt what to look for. Therefore, these cybercriminals have been forced to up their game, which has made the online world even more treacherous for people. You have to be constantly vigilant or you can easily end up being scammed in one way or another. This means that you don’t just hand over your information or your money to someone, even when you are shopping online.

There are thousands of scams that can happen, such as forex trading scams, crypto scams, binary options trading scam, online dating scam and plenty more. The problem is that there aren’t many laws and regulations that govern these online scams, which means that people have no idea which agencies to contact, if any, in case they are victimized. Since the online world is constantly expanding and developing, it will take time for the authorities to catch up. This means that victims don’t have any official channels where they can seek help for now.

So, what do they do? Should you just give up and forget about it? There are many who have done so, partly because they were ashamed of admitting that they were naïve enough to be scammed. Others did it because they didn’t really see any way to get their money back, even though they would have liked to try. This is where scam recovery services have originated. Their purpose is rather obvious; they aim to help people in recovering the money they have lost in scams and frauds that happen online.

This is undoubtedly a tall order, but as there is a lot of need for such services, you will come to know that a number of these have popped up on the internet. You will come across plenty of options in the market when you begin looking and one of these is Action Refund. On the surface, they appear to be what they claim; a scam recovery service aimed at helping people in recovering their losses. Their website seems good enough and you don’t see any of the immediate signs of a scam. But, you cannot just accept them as is because you have to trust them with your information and they are probably going to charge you as well.

Once bitten, twice shy should be your mantra, which means that you have to be cautious. As you have already been scammed before, you cannot just trust any online service or business straight up, without doing your due diligence. But, what does this due diligence involve? It includes asking some very important questions about Action Refund because that will tell you if they are really what they claim to be and can be depended upon for assistance in scam recovery. What questions should you ask? Let’s check them out below:

  • What is their process?

The first thing you need to know about Action Refund is their process. How will they help in scam recovery? It is no small claim they are making and since there are no proper channels that exist for this purpose, it is a given that you or anyone else in your position would want to know how they get it done. Asking this question is a logical response, so it comes as a surprise to discover that there is absolutely no information provided regarding this matter on their website. If you look into their process, you will discover that they ask you to register a complaint with them.

This involves you sharing your personal and private information with them, giving them full details of your case and the ordeal you have been through and then they tell you that they will verify the information. At this point, Action Refund should tell you how they will verify, but again, you don’t get any answers. They just tell you that if they find your case authentic, they will assign a case manager to it, who will handle the process. How will this process be handled? Again, there is absolutely no information available, which can frustrate anyone easily.

  • How long have they been around?

Of course, experience is important in every field or industry, but it is of the utmost importance when it comes to scam recovery. Why is that? This is because recovering money from scammers is no small task, especially when the scams are sophisticated and the scammers know how to cover their tracks. In addition, a great deal of legal and technical expertise and knowledge is needed for this purpose, so you would prefer to opt for a company that has done this before for a long time. Action Refund’s website gives you the impression that they have been doing this for years.

As a matter of fact, the company doesn’t say anything that can clarify matters and they continue to mislead clients by giving this impression. It is only when you do your due diligence and look into their registration that you discover that Action Refund was founded in October 2019. What does this tell you? It shows that they just don’t have the kind of experience they pretend to have through their claims and since they haven’t been transparent, you can’t really tell what else they are hiding.

  • What have they accomplished so far?

After you have looked into the background of the company, your next step would be to look into their achievements and track record. This will tell you if they have the capability of doing all that they claim. At first glance, most people will be impressed with Action Refund because they have shown you on their website exactly how much money they have recovered from various scams and frauds so far. Dollar figures are provided and the amount is no joking matter, so you will certainly be pleased with what the company is doing.

But, when you try to find out more details about the clients, how they were scammed and how Action Refund resolved the issue, you will be left empty-handed once again. They have provided absolutely no information about the cases. Even if they want to protect their client’s privacy, they could have just concealed their names and not provided any personal details. They could have shared information about the kind of scams they helped recover money from, so you would know if they have dealt with scams like the one you were a victim of. Sadly, the company hasn’t been forthcoming at all.

  • What do they charge?

It is obvious that you would want to know how much you have to pay for a service when you are thinking about availing it. The first thing that you will like when you go to Action Refund’s website is that they claim to offer a free consultation. This is a relief because you may be unsure of whether to trust them or not and a free consultation would help you make up your mind without having to throw away more money. Unfortunately, this is just misleading information, as you will discover if you try to schedule a consultation or go over other details on the website.

Firstly, Action Refund will only schedule a consultation after you have shared your personal details and scam information with them. This is a red flag because you haven’t even decided to use their service and yet, you are asked to share your information with them. Next, even though they claim the consultation is free, their privacy policy is a direct contradiction to this statement. You will discover that they actually charge you a commission for the session and they also have separate fees applicable for handling your case, depending on the individual situation.

This is an outright lie and indicates that Action Refund is not an honest or professional company because no authentic company would ever do things like this. Furthermore, when it comes to knowing how much commission or fees you will have to pay, they have not given any such information either. Hence, you will have no idea what you are getting into and they can charge anything they like. Does that make sense? It certainly doesn’t.

  • Do they have any reviews?

When it comes to an online business, one of the best ways to assess their quality, professionalism or any other feature is through their reviews and testimonials. In today’s digital age, customers of a company usually leave reviews and testimonials publicly, so other people using their products and services will know what to expect. You will be entrusting Action Refund with a big responsibility, so it is practical of you to want to know the kind of reviews they have received. Yes, the company does have some reviews and testimonials to show what it has accomplished, but they are disappointing to say the least.

Why is that? When you check out Action Refund’s reviews, you will find that they are also not as illuminating as customer testimonials and reviews usually are. All they contain is some vague information and a repetition of the content that already exists on their website. There is no addition, as such, which automatically makes them seem inauthentic. Your suspicions will be further confirmed by the fact that the names on the accounts seem made up and that none of these accounts have any pictures to show for it. This is undoubtedly alarming because people do put up their pictures online nowadays and there is not even a single testimonial with a picture.

  • Are they offering support and assistance?

Assistance and support are key elements of online businesses because they are considered a substitute for physical interactions that take place in brick-and-mortar operations. Your customers want to be satisfied and reassured and this can only be done by providing them with proper support and assistance. Every legitimate business makes an effort to ensure they incorporate this essential element into their operations. Does Action Refund? They do have an FAQ section on their website, where they claim to provide you answers to questions that people may have about their business.

The problem is that when you go through this section, you will discover that it is riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and other such inconsistencies that are considered a sign of scam websites. Such errors are usually found on fake websites because scammers are not really interested in putting in a lot of effort. Moving on, if you look at the customer support options, first you will discover that there is no live chat support available. These days, live chat support is considered a must because you want to be able to talk to an agent directly when you have a query.

Yet, Action Refund has not added this vital feature on their website. They have other support options like email and phone numbers, but if you try them out, you will discover that they are not operational. Thus, if you need any help or you have any questions, you will be stranded because there will be no way of getting into contact with Action Refund.

Wrapping Up

The answers to these questions indicate that Action Refund is also an online scam that’s only interested in taking your money, stealing your identity and hacking into your accounts.