eToro Review – Beyond the Regularities and Ordinary Features

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eToro Review

If you research online brokers like me, there will come a point when you will stop seeing anything new in them. That’s the truth and reality that you will have to face after some time. You must not forget that they are all offering you the same trading features. Some have the recipe to make the same thing sound unique. However, through this eToro review, I want to tell you about this company that has made the right efforts to offer something unique. It offers you something beyond the regular offerings you get from every other trading services provider.

For those who are interested in security features, I am sure eToro has more to offer than most other companies out there. Are you someone who cares about portfolio diversification? I am sure the platform will not disappoint you. Last but not least, the many advanced trading features are not even present on other platforms but are available for free to every trader with eToro. Let me tell you more as you continue to read.

Security Features You Haven’t Seen Before

So, you have these companies always telling you that they adhere to the AML and KYC policies. However, saying that is not enough. The right companies go beyond these basic talks of security. Even eToro adheres to the same policies while taking your personal and banking information. However, this company goes a step further. The level of security it offers along with the peace of mind is something you will not get elsewhere. I am saying that because of the regulation this company boasts. Yes, if you were looking for a regulated broker, you have found one.

What makes eToro special is that it is regulated by not one but multiple regulatory authorities. Namely, the authorities that regulate this company are CySEC and FCA. Encryption ensures the protection of your information and the company promises right on its home page that it will never disclose your personal data to any unauthorized parties.

Diversification of the Next Level

Oh, how can I tell you how many companies have boasted their portfolio diversification and then offered me the same things that other companies did? I was so disappointed that at one point, I thought I was never going to sign up with another trading services provider. However, I have to give you the good news that diversification is a reality when you sign up with eToro. This company is all about diversification and I am sure you will be amazed when you realize that on this platform you can trade more than 2000 stocks. Yes, I am only talking about stocks right now.

There are more than 13 indices to trade along with 30+ commodities and nearly 50 forex currency pairs. If you are interested in trading ETFs, you will have more than 250 different options. Last but not least, having 32 digital currencies at your disposal for trading is definitely a special feeling.

Advanced Trading Features Unique to the Platform

Before I dive deep into this feature, let me tell you that eToro’s trading platform can be used on all your desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, you have some unique and advanced features that other companies are only thinking about right now. Pre-built portfolios are something that makes up an important part of these offerings. You can also use AI-based trading and make sure you never miss a trading opportunity. Copy trading is yet another feature that lets you copy the trades of the best traders in the world without paying anything extra.

Final Thoughts

I think you will find this company to be offering something that most other companies don’t. It has a very unique way of offering trading services to traders from around the world. What gives me some real confidence in the performance of this company is its regulation from two authorities. eToro has a few things to offer that I think most other companies only struggle to give their traders.