Amazon’s Founder Directs Company to Start Accepting All Famous & Major Virtual Currencies

Reports surfacing in the media that Amazon will soon be accepting all major and famous virtual assets given to it by consumers against their invoice receipts. The reports further suggest that the orders of accepting crypto as payment by Amazon have come directly from the company’s founder, Jeff Bezos.

It seems that the time for virtual assets to meet the giant online marketplace, Amazon, has come. News emerging in the US suggests that Amazon will soon be amongst those service providers who will be accepting crypto as payment. The rumor becomes more authentic when a few days ago Amazon was looking to engage an executive having crypto and blockchain experience. Even then, the crypto users were sure that very soon Amazon will start accepting crypto.

According to a publication authored by City AM, it is suggested that Amazon is in fact interested in accepting crypto. It was further revealed by a source that Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jessy, has been advised to integrate a crypto payment mechanism. According to the source, the company is interested in Bitcoin and all other major and famed cryptocurrencies.

Further news suggested that the world’s biggest online marketplace wishes to execute the crypto integration projection before the end of 2021. It is further expected that with the successful integration of crypto, Amazon also wants to explore the opportunity of launching its tokenized crypto. However, it would be too early to suggest in the absence of any official confirmation by Amazon or from its CEO.

The inside person who shared the news, also pointed out that Amazon is fully ready to meet crypto. She explained that the aim of Amazon is not only to integrate crypto but the future of Amazon will be based upon crypto. She said that Amazon wants to make sure that crypto should be embraced as an integral part and parcel of Amazon.

The insider further claimed that the orders for accepting crypto as payment have come directly from Amazon’s founder namely Jeff Bezos.

It was further revealed that Amazon was planning to provide for crypto payment mechanism as far back as 2019. However, because of the pandemic, the implementation of the project was postponed until things get normal. But during the pandemic, Amazon’s sales too skyrocketed and it became the best seller in the entire world. Still, Amazon’s sales are at their peak because people are avoiding going into the markets on their own. Instead, they prefer to order things online and receive deliveries of the products at their doorsteps.

Initially, it is expected that crypto payment will be encouraged through Bitcoin. However, with the passage of time, all major and famous cryptocurrencies too will be added. According to crypto experts, platforms like Amazon, PayPal, Visa Inc. are those platforms that ultimately help crypto to go mainstream.