DAO Maker Creator Builds Logan Paul-Inspired NFT Game In 30 Days

The latest rave in the Web3 industry is a non-fungible token (NFT) game boosted by Logan Paul’s controversial YouTube “Crypto Zoo” concept. The project reportedly saw over 115,000 wallets registered to join the game, with a promise of more than $700 million.

Completing The Zoo-Themed Game

According to reports, the DAO Maker founder, Christoph Zaknun, took up the challenge of developing his modified version of the abandoned zoo-themed game in a month. Logan Paul, the controversial YouTuber, announced the launch of Crypto Zoo in August 2021.

The project involves the purchase of NFT eggs that would be hatched and allows owners to earn passive income via the zoo tokens. The initiative raised over $3 million in NFT sales and millions in zoo assets.

However, it failed to deliver its earlier promise, with most participants believing that the influencer had coordinated a rug pull. However, Zakum’s game was inspired by Paul’s Crypto Zoo, which critics reportedly labeled a scam.

Here Christoph Zaknun built his game dubbed “Degen Zoo,” which stimulated the influence of capitalism on animal extinction. The game featured a deflationary token and a digital collection of 120 endangered animal species.

Part of the gameplay requires players to kill their NFT, which drives the digital collectibles to extinction and helps raise awareness about the effects of human actions on the extinction of wildlife. Meanwhile, the game developer pledged to donate all the accrued profits from Degen Zoo to charity causes.

Furthermore, Zaknun’s motive of broadcasting the project’s daily progress has attracted interest from more than 250,000 people. In addition, participants carried out over 30,000 testnet transactions from 3,000 players days after the first testnet became live.

Reacting to Zaknun’s exploits, Logan Paul reportedly broadcasted a video stating that the DAO Maker founder has no right to dictate the zoo project’s development pace. This comes after Paul was criticized for doing nothing for a year despite raising funds for his zoo project.

Is Logan Paul’s NFT Project A Scam?

A few weeks ago, Coffeezilla, the self-imposed platform exposing scams in the Web3 ecosystem, published many discoveries in its investigation of Logan Paul’s NFT projects that failed to see the light of day. In the platform’s YouTube video, investors in the failed Crypto Zoo project claimed they had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the NFT fraud.

After releasing the video, Logan Paul threatened to file a lawsuit against Coffeezilla for defamation after the platform alleged that his NFT zoo project was a scam. In a twist of the event, Paul deleted his response to Coffeezilla’s video by apologizing and pledging to withdraw his threats of filing a defamation lawsuit against the whistleblower.

Last month, reports emerged that Logan Paul and his project were hit with a lawsuit in January over the accusation that the CryptoZoo initiative was a rug pull. Meanwhile, Logan Paul has not responded to the class action lawsuit against him and the Crypto Zoo initiative.