“Eth –Doge Collaboration! Sounds Perfect Idea”, Agrees Tesla’s Elon Musk

With regard to the proposal of Vitalik Buterin of Eth-Doge collaboration, Elon Musk said that the idea sounds perfect to him.

In one of his recent media appearances, Co-Founder of Ehtereum, Vitalik Buterin was seen coming up with an unprecedented proposal. Buterin said that only if somehow a secure bridge is established between Ethereum and Dogecoin, then the collaboration will be outstanding.

It was a day ago when Lex Fridman quoted Musk to Buterin there is something very special about Elon Musk. He lauded Musk by suggesting that people like Musk are God-gifted people. They have the power to push something at the top and bringing them down at the bottom. He then posed a question to Buterin and asked whether anyone has that power for bringing in more improvement in Ethereum. In response, Buterin said that if Doge is merged within Ethereum’s bridge then this will be outstanding. He said that if this happens then Doge lovers would be able to conduct Doge trading a thousand times better than the prevailing.

Buterin said further that he wouldn’t actually mind the idea of bridging Doge with Ethereum. In fact, he would love to see the collaboration of both as it would be three-fold beneficial for Doge, Ethereum, and people. He opined that there are times when there is scalability in Ethereum. At that time people can acquire wrapped Dogecoins which can apparently be done at a cheaper fee while enjoying the robustness of the Ethereum system.

Fridman asked Buterin to share his opinion regarding Musk promoting Dogecoin. Buterin responded that he does not judge people. Musk is a free man and has his opinions, whether anyone agrees with his opinion or not. However, there is one thing common between Musk and him, said Buterin. He said that both he and Musk are dog lovers.

In the meanwhile, Musk tweeted on the page of Buterin regarding his recent interview with Fridman. Musk said that the proposal of Buterin seems to be very appealing. Musk said that he agrees with Ethereum’s co-founder’s proposal and believes that Eth-Doge collaboration will be one of its kind.

But whether the collaboration is only a talk or whether it is a future proposal for work, is not yet confirmed.

However, there are certain massive changes taking place with the Ethereum system. For instance, Ehtereum’s system has been in the process of becoming a proof-of-stake model by replacing the earlier model of proof-of-work. Though the project of up-gradation has been in process for a long time, yet because for several reasons it hasn’t been finalized yet.

One of the causes of delay explained by Buterin was a non-technical issue. For instance, he said that there are inside disputes between several teams of Ethereum. Because of these internal disputes, the system upgrade has been lingering on for many months. However, each party’s concerns have been duly addressed and very soon the upgrade will be sent live, said Buterin.