Major UK Law Firm has Decided to Accept Crypto Payments

Gunnercooke is a well-known law firm and legal consultation provider that has decided to accept cryptocurrency payments recently. The announcement has attracted the attention of the crypto community members and put the law firm in the new limelight on social media platforms. At the start, the firm has decided to accept the most famous cryptocurrency tokens.

As expected, the people who wish to render the services of the law firm in question will be able to pay their bills with the help of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and ADA, among other cryptocurrency variants. The news was first made public by the official Twitter account of the Gunnercooke firm that soon went viral on social media networks.

The netizens are considering the decision of the Gunnercooke foundation to be a bold step. At present, the regulatory pressure in the UK is quite austere that making cryptocurrency payment options a laborious task for the local businesses. The firm recently tweeted that some other cryptocurrencies that it is willing to accept include XTZ, EOS, and UNI.

The firm also declared that they have partnered with Coinpass, a local cryptocurrency exchange, to make the process possible. Coinpass is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that operates under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority of FCA. The firm also mentioned that they represented around 100 cryptocurrency enterprises as clients. A cryptocurrency staking forum has already settled its bills with digital assets.

Gunnercooke representatives revealed that the first cryptocurrency payment was received in the form of Ethereum. James Burnie, a partner at the firm, claimed that the institution is making a slow but steady transition towards adopting the financial infrastructure of the future.

Meanwhile, there are other businesses and private SMEs that have started to accept cryptocurrency as payment. Last month, a restaurant in Dubai inaugurated its opening by accepting Dogecoin. It is worth mentioning that the restaurant is 100% virtually operated with food delivery options exclusively. Recently, Tesla has started to accept Dogecoin as payment as well.