Man Is Hopeful Of Finding His Lost 7,500 Bitcoins If City’s Landfill Authorities Allow Him Search

A Bitcoiner instantly regretted his decision to throwing away an old hard drive totally forgetting that he has kept 7,500 Bitcoins in it. Asks City’s Authorities to help him find the lost hard drive from the landfill site and in return offering 25% of the total share of Bitcoin. As of today, the value of Bitcoin contained in the hard drive is estimated to be around US$ 300 Million.

 A man named James Howells, being an Information Technology Engineer, had several computers in his possession. However, in order to clear out the junk and creating some vacant space, Howells threw away some old computers, hard drives, and other accessories. But Howells instantly regretted his decision when he found out that he had also thrown away a hard drive in which he had kept his Bitcoins.

It was reported that the thrown away hard drive consisted of approximately 7,500 Bitcoins which belonged to Howells. Howells told that he had been keeping the coins for a long time and waiting for the right time when he would sell them off. Bitcoins, which are now officially lost, amounted to roughly US$ 300 Million as of today. However, the hard drive is now dumped in Newport’s landfill site situated in South Wales.

Howells had now been trying to put onboard city authorities to help him find the lost hard drive which is worth US$ 300 Million. As per the reports, Howells had also offered a share of 25% to the Authorities if he is able to find the lost hard drive. However, finding a hard drive in a landfill is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Howells, who is 35 and residing in Newport, told that he mistakenly threw away the hard drive when he was clearing his workplace in 2013. When he came to know that he made the biggest mistake of his life, he immediately contacted the city’s authorities. However, the authorities refused to provide any assistance to Howells, he stated.

He further stated that in his possession there were two different hard drives but by the looks of it they both looked the same. Instead of throwing away the drive he didn’t want, he wrongly threw away the drive which contained his 7,500 Bitcoins. It was a genuine mistake caused due to sheer negligence but the loss caused to Howells is irreparable and unthinkable.

Howells is offering a share of 25% which comes to US$ 72 Million to authorities to search for his lost hard drive. He told that if the hard drive is found, then he would donate 25% in the shape of the Covid-19 relief fund. The fund can then be used to accommodate locals in Newport who had been suffering from Covid-19. He is asking the authorities to allow him to go through the landfill records. He said that he remembered the week when he threw away his hard drive.

After so many years had been passed, still Howells is hopeful that he could find his lost Bitcoins. Yet he required permission which had been turned down many times in the past as well.