Meet world’s first ever NFT dedicated to Firearms

NFTs were possibly the most organic way for cryptocurrencies to progress. And over the past few months that they have been around, they have subsequently managed to blow up. Since they allow people to make something on the internet completely unique, there was obviously plenty of demand for it. There are even a wide variety of NFTs in the market that deal with a variety of different things. There are NFTs for games, movies, collectibles, and even digital collectibles. However, there has never been an NFT for firearms, until now.

Digital arms is an NFT trading platform dedicated to hunting and gaming enthusiasts. But it mainly focuses on unique branded firearms. The team behind the project is one that has multiple years of experience in the field, and they are able to bring their expertise to the NFT market. And through their collective years of experience, they are able to bring about the first-ever NFT dedicated to weapons.

The main goal of this platform is to introduce newcomers who are interested in their service but don’t know about crypto, to this unique market. Through the platform, people will be able to buy, sell, and even trade NFTs that they like from plenty of big names.

Considered to be the next big thing in the firearm industry, integrating digital capabilities enhances the use of NFTs as collectibles. It also allows for using them in various digital platforms, such as gaming. The digital arms NFTs will have cross-operation with digital platforms like video games. This will take users’ experience to the next level as it promotes the cross-game use of accessories, skins, and firearm NFTs.

By introducing the real-life concept to the platform, Digital Arms is collaborating with renowned firearms developers. The aim is to imitate models and form exclusive, limited, licensed firearm NFTs. This will be done after agreements with popular names in the industry.

To accomplish their goal, Digital Arms has so far raised over $1.5 million USD. Also, the Hunter Token will be the core medium of the Digital Arms ecosystem. It will help in facilitating the entire ecosystem they’ve developed. The token is meant to be scarce, collectible, and can be used across different video games.

The value of the token will grow as more of a bigger community adopts the token and grows the ecosystem. As of yet, Digital Arms has started the whitelisting registration process for the Hunter Token. It is accessible to early investors and open markets. According to the interest of early investors, it will promote immense development for NFT collectors, hunting industries, munitions, and firearms across the world. This is definitely something that crypto enthusiasts can look forward to.